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First website ever where you search or post stories about truck Drivers, Brokers and other Office Staff employees!

Before you hire your next driver see if he fits your company needs first

1,000’s of Drivers, Brokers, Office Staff stories from all over the country! Fast, Safe, Anonymous!

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CDLscan its all about Safety on the road and the profitable future of your Trucking company! 
Avoid irresponsible drivers, questionable safety managers, poor dispatchers and predatory brokers AND SAVE THOUSANDS!

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Is this Legal?

Yes! It is 100% legal

We are a social media website where registered members are sharing their experience about their colleague’s, co-worker’s, friends with other community members. Just like you share your stories or opinions on other social media websites such a Facebook or Twitter. No law in the US prohibits that.

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Read stories about drivers, brokers, other office staff members and share your experience with others!

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More than 10,000 drivers are available to search, both with negative or positive stories

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Learn more about your future driver

Before you hire your next driver – check our database for the latest stories and make sure he fits your company


John Doe

Very professional reliable nice driver, with 15 years of experience. Very rare to find in our days

Company wrote

Benedict Wheeler

Do not HIRE at any circumstances. Lies, theft, damages, equipment hostage, threats.

Company wrote

Claud Marshall

This is a 100% casino addict. Dont waste your time

Company wrote
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Be confident in your future employees

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