Intercity auto transport

How to find the best intercity auto transport

If you’re planning to transport your car from one city to another but can’t drive it yourself, you should definitely hire an intercity auto transport. If you know how the auto shipping service works, it can help you avoid a lot of undue stress.

How to select the intercity lines auto transport you can trust

Any car transporter must be able to deliver the vehicle on its first promise. It all starts with a free quote. The most reliable auto shipping company must be super honest and professional. An auto shipping service you can trust must keep you informed throughout the all car shipping process. Many auto shipping services only contact you before and after they deliver your car. This attitude leaves you worrying if your vehicle is safe. A reliable car shipping company will provide you with several updates to ease your anxiety. It also can be very helpful if the company gives you the phone number of the auto transport trailer driver.

Don’t forget to inquire about the car shipping process

It’s really important to ask about the way the company operates with the shipping process. Pay attention to the timeframe because auto-shipments may take some time. In case something goes wrong, the service can give you a timeframe of a month or even longer for your vehicle to arrive. Don’t forget to inquire about the scheduling, especially with the pickup. The service contacts and notifies you when a truck comes to pick up your car. Generally, they make a stop to save resources and money during the shipping.

Check the intercity auto transport reviews 

Before you hire a car shipping service, the first thing you should do is to check and look at the options available. Bear in mind the details about the car shipping service you’re planning to hire, and the way they operate regarding their customers. Find what other people say about their service. It is important to check the way the service treats the customers and their cars. Because customer reviews and feedback can show you the real face of the company. You can also check the intercity lines auto transport reviews with your family and friends if they have some experience on the matter. They can have some recommendations and point you towards the best car shipping service. 

Note that the car shipping service you’re planning to hire must be licensed and registered. You can check this information on the government website. All of these details can show you about the reputation of the service and how they handle any complications. Once you check the reviews of the company, you can trust this car shipping service.

You should request an intercity lines auto transport rates

This is essential because the information you send to the car shipping service will give you an exact price, estimated delivery date and pick up date as well. The basic information that you need to give the company is name, address, phone number, email, car’s model, and make, pickup city, and city of final destination. The service also will want to know if you have a preferred automobile transportation date in mind. The information about the model and make of your car will help the company to determine an intercity auto transport rated quote based on weight and measurements.

Settle on a price to transport your vehicle

car carrierOnce you’ve given the necessary information to the intercity car auto transport company, they will give you a rate. If you agree with the amount, the service will require you to pay a deposit once your car has been loaded into the trailer. The balance of the total shipment prices will be due upon the delivery of your car at the final destination.  Usually, if you choose to transport your car with the least expensive shipping company, you might risk time delivery and safety. Your car is a very precious item and it’s really dear to you. You should be certain that your car is safe during the shipment. If you compare different available companies and their prices, you can make the right decision. Before you agree to pay a deposit, read the contract very carefully and don’t forget to ask questions if more clarification is needed. This will ensure you’re dealing with a reliable auto shipping co that has a proven track record. 

Open auto transport vs. closed auto transport

There are two types of car transport that can ship your car from one city to another: an enclosed and open car carrier. An enclosed car carrier protects your car from damage while on the road. This is the best option when you need to protect your precious car from the potential damage that harsch weather conditions and natural elements may cause. You should know that the covered car carrier can be more expensive than the open auto transport. Open car transport means that your vehicle will be shipped on an open truck. The open truck is cheaper and faster. However, your car will be exposed to external elements and weather that may cause damage to your vehicle. Open car transport will definitely cost you more than an enclosed auto carrier. It happens for two reasons. The first reason is that they spend less time loading and preparing your car before it is shipped. The second reason is that they can put more vehicles on the trailer, which spreads the shipping cost for cars out among all the automobiles. So if you have a very expensive or vintage car you should choose an intercity enclosed auto transport. Make sure you have the ability to get acquainted with all the terms that the intercity auto transport cars service provides before your vehicle is shipped.

Prepare the vehicle before shipping

When you’ve paid the deposit to the car shipping company, it’s time to prepare your vehicle before it’s shipped. Make a quick check to make sure all fluids are filled to the appropriate levels. Don’t forget to ensure that the tires are properly inflated. as well. Leave only one-quarter of a gas tank in the vehicle to avoid any additional weight charges. Remove any heavy items that may be in the trunk. Then remove toll readers. Don't forget to turn off your car alarm, if needed. And finally remove all of your personal belongings from the car,  pack them with the rest of your items.

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