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In order to offer a car transport quote, it is necessary to obtain information on the customer's wishes about the delivery method, the point of car departure and its physical features. Basically, the transportation of cars is carried out by such methods as open delivery in a semi-trailer, delivery in a closed form, expedited delivery and special transporting. Transport companies usually accept requests for freight quotes to transport a car by phone, e-mail or through the interface of their Internet sites.

The procedure for forming car transporter quotes.

The calculation of the delivery cost is influenced by some external reasons, as well as individual wishes of the customers. Car transporters quotes are offered for selected transport services, namely open transport, enclosed transport, expedited delivery and special delivery for larger vehicles. Each service has its own strengths and therefore the rate is formed taking into account these features.

Delivery in open transport is in the greatest demand when requesting rates, since it is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways of transportation. For those who, first of all, need the safest and most secure delivery of their especially valuable cars, enclosed transport is offered. In this way, expensive and fragile antique and sports cars are delivered. If it is important for the customer to receive his automobile at a new location as quickly as possible in a specific timeframe, then it is better to use the expedited transportation service. If you have large and non-standard vehicles, you can use the special delivery options. In this case, a car transporter quote will be quite high due to the large size of the vehicle and its weight.

How to quickly get a quote to transport a car?

The process of receiving a quote consists of making a request by customer, in which it is necessary to indicate details on the car location, the place of its arrival, as well as data on the age, model and condition of the car. In addition, the desired type of transport is decided, which also determines the cost of delivery. There are three levels of car transport quotes, the value of which is formed under the influence of urgency in delivery fulfillment. Many customers are not even aware of the existence of competition for space in a car transporter truck for their vehicle. Usually, carriers prefer to fulfill orders primarily for the most profitable carriage. Therefore, it is important to get a base rate when transporting a car along a profitable route with minimal demand from other customers. It is advisable to choose expedited delivery for a long distance or when the truck is heavily loaded on a route with high demand. If you need urgent delivery, you can take the third level.

The basic quote for auto delivery is made when you need to load your car into a truck trailer, where there are few free places due to the increased demand from other customers. Such a rate can become relevant and working if there is little demand on the route, which is usually quite busy. If this is not the case, it is better to take advantage of an expeditious shipping rate.

With such an expeditious rate, it is easier to get a space in the trailer where there are a lot of people who want to ship their cars, as well as on long-distance routes. Such a higher quote attracts the carrier and helps to start the transportation itself faster. Therefore, it is worth using this to the customer's advantage.

In case of maximum urgency in sending a car, an urgent rate may come in handy, when the car is sent first of all with a high shipping cost. Sometimes there may not be a carrier for such delivery, but usually the high cost attracts them and contributes to the fast logistical process.

What does the cost depend on?

get auto transport quoteFor the customer of transportation, it is necessary to have information regarding the offer of car transporting quotes from the side of road carriers. It doesn't matter if the client has experience in transporting cars or is new to this business. It is important to figure out what the cost of transportation depends on and not immediately trust all the offered quotes. Having information about the largest number of available rates, you can draw the correct conclusion and deliver your car inexpensively in favorable and safe conditions.

As a rule, a car transport quote is not arbitrary, but includes various factors that the carrier company takes into account. It offers rates not out of thin air, but by analyzing the available data from the customer regarding the nature of the future transportation and the vehicle. 

Thus, the car transporter quote directly depends on such factors as:

  1. The place of loading the car and the destination with the distance to it. Route travel on less busy and remote roads usually increases the rate and creates difficulties;
  2. The vehicle dimensions and weight affect shipping costs and, therefore, the carrier's quote itself;
  3. The working state of the car allows you to move it to the truck trailer platform. If the machine cannot do this, you need to load it using lifting equipment, and this is an additional expense;
  4. Type of transportation, open or enclosed. In the latter one, the vehicle has more protection against external influences on the way;
  5. The season of delivery also affects the shipping cost. Traffic congestion occurs in winter in adverse weather conditions. Also, in winter, many residents of the northern states move to the south and at the same time send their cars there, and in summer the load on carriers increases due to the desire of many to transport their cars in warm weather.

    This increases the delivery time, as well as fuel costs, which will certainly be reflected in the rates;

As a result, you need to keep in mind the various points when studying many quotes and understand their impact. Thanks to this, you can see the whole picture of the quote formation and find options for lowering them.

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