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Finding Best Transport Company Based on Car Shipping Reviews

The first thing you start to look for when you need to move your car from one destination to another is shipping a car reviews and testimonials. However, you don’t always know what to pay special attention to when looking through the credentials. In our article we have touched upon the most urgent issues of choosing the best transport company. 

Learn about experience from shipping car reviews      

Look through the testimonials where people speak about the company's experience. Try to compare reviews of car shipping companies as carefully as possible. If the company has had a lot of orders this doesn’t mean that it is a trustworthy company. The quality of service largely depends on the company's customer approach and professionalism of the staff.

Compare costs in shipping cars reviews

As a rule, people write if prices are unreasonably high. However, you don't necessarily need to seek for the cheapest company, as low prices may hide inflexible service or lack of experience. Try to find the best ratio of quality and price.

Find information about insurance in car shipping company reviews 

All carriers in the USA are obliged to provide their customers with standard insurance. However, you need to clear up what parts of cars they cover and in what condition. Unfortunately, not all transport companies provide additional insurance.

Best Car Shipping Companies

What are the top-5 best reviews car shipping companies?

Excellent deals in car shipping are hard to find. And it doesn't matter whether you want to move your car from state to state or internationally. We have carried out some research and managed to identify the most reputable and credible shipping companies taking into account car shipping reviews.

AmeriFreight shipping car reviews

Undoubtedly, you will hardly find a company which doesn’t have a single negative car shipping review. AmeriFreight is not an exception. You may come across some negative reviews now and then, but the overall impression is positive.

AmeriFreight is a broker which works only with trustworthy carriers. The database of experienced carriers of AmeriFreight reaches up to 11,000 companies and all of them has a rating of more than 95% according to shipping a car reviews. All the carriers provide standard insurance, but if you want to better protect your vehicle, you will have to pay additional fees for extra insurance. The broker offers a wide range of services and ships all kinds of cars coast-to-coast. They also offer pleasant bonuses and discounts for certain categories.

Sherpa Auto Transport car shipping company reviews

Sherpa Auto Transport is the best choice if you want to move your classic car or in case your vehicle is out of order. The company has the option of door-to-door delivery which is rather convenient and less time-consuming for the customer. Another advantage is the Price Lock Promise, which implies that the company’s final price will never be more than the initial quote you get from them.

When analyzing a recent car shipping review, you may come across a complaint that the price is higher than at other companies’, but we believe it’s worth it. Moreover, Sherpa Auto Transport has a clean car guarantee, so you will never get your car dirty or in mud.

Montway shipping cars reviews

Whatever car shipping company review for Montway you read, you will 100% find information about lower prices for cash. Indeed, the company will charge you less if you pay in cash and not by credit card. You may save about $60 and sometimes even more, depending on the total price.

Montway has a convenient quote calculator, which will save your time on customizing your order. You can choose all the options you need and you will even get two kinds of quotes - one for payment in cash and the other for a credit card.

uShip car shipping reviews

Some reviews of car shipping companies speak about clearinghouses for shippng quotes, such as uShip. This is a very convenient web interface, which will lead you to the best deal. As soon as you log in, you will see several quotes from moving companies and an instant average. What is more, uShip shows you the ratings for each shipper.

The only minus when working with uShip is that in case of any issues you will have to deal with the transport company directly and not with the website where you have placed the order.

Easy Auto Ship shipping a car reviews  

You will find fewer shipping car reviews about this company than about others, as Easy Auto Shiphas appeared recently in the transport market. The company has a wide choice of options and offers its customers both interstate and overseas shipping. Moreover, Easy Auto Ship can even help you transport a boat or any other type of vehicle. Online booking and a convenient quote calculator are available at the company's website. 

Whatever company you select, we strongly recommend you both to look into reviews car shipping companies have and find out more information about the history and the staff. Study in advance how car shipping works and get ready for analyzing several quotes from moving companies. Bear in mind that your final aim is to find the best ratio of quality and price.

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