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How to Find a Good Exotic Car Shipping Company

When a person wants to ship his/her exotic or antique car, the first question that comes to mind is how to find a point to point exotic car shipping service reliable. These types of vehicles require special care, and they should be handled exclusively. Some vehicles are rare exhibits, which need to be transported to an exhibition or special vintage car show. Shipping exotic cars requires special attention and liability. Therefore, we have prepared the material below to ease your concerns and make the process of choosing the best exotic car shipping service.

What are the benefits of covered exotic car shipping?

Exotic car shipping enclosed has a number of advantages in comparison with standard car transport on open trailers. First of all, it ensures 100% protection of the valuable vehicle during the shipping as the cargo is covered from all the sides, including the roof. The car isn’t exposed to any road elements or to bad weather conditions. Just imagine what can happen to your precious car in case of hail when it’s being transported on an open trailer. What is more, you can be sure that the car company exotic shipping will deliver your car clean and not in mud or dust.    

During car exotic shipping sports or other types of valuable vehicles, they are reliably secured inside the container or the trailer and no damage can be caused to it.

As a rule, shipping exotic cars includes comprehensive insurance from the pick up till the drop off. You can be sure that in case of any damage caused to your car during the transport the company will cover it in accordance with the insurance.

Finally, any exotic car shipping company has special equipment for loading/unloading, which minimizes any risk of damage. For instance, shipping companies will provide you with hydraulic gates when low car exotic shipping sports.  

Classic and luxury car auto transportWhat to pay attention to when choosing car company exotic shipping?

Company’s experience

It’s clear that the more experience the company has the better. Long-distance travels are also an indicator of certain reliability.  However, companies with little experience may deserve your attention as well. Try to analyze the history of the company and the areas it covers.

Positive and negative reviews

You are unlikely to find an exotic car shipping company which will have only positive reviews. So be ready to come across some negative testimonials as well. Remember that your aim is to analyze both pros and cons and choose the company with the most customer-oriented service. It’s important that the views be verified, therefore we recommend Google reviews or Better Business Bureau. However, you can search for any other reliable sources.

Areas the company serve

Bear in mind that not all companies provide exotic car shipping. Moreover, there are carriers that work only inside the country, so they do not ship exotic cars internationally. That is why you need to clear up in advance where the company can ship your valuable car and how long the shipping will take. 

The way they work with clients

Call the company in advance to communicate with the staff and ask questions that bother you. You can consider point to point exotic car shipping service reliable if the managers are helpful, polite, and can provide answers to all your questions. A reputable company will provide you with status updates on your shipping and will give you the drivers contacts.

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Brokers vs. Carriers

If you need covered exotic car shipping, you are most likely to deal with brokers. They work as mediators between the carrier company and the customer. Undoubtedly, you can find a career yourself, but this will take a lot of effort and time. Brokers can answer all your questions and help you make sure that the shipping will go smoothly as planned. They check all the carriers they work with. 

Door-to-door vs. terminal-to-terminal delively

Another point you should pay attention to when choosing a transport company for exotic car shipping enclosed is the type of delivery it provides. It goes without saying that door-to-door shipping is more preferable when you need to ship your antique car from an auction or to some auto show. 

Choosing a company for shipping exotic cars isn’t as troublesome as it may seem. Just keep calm and be patient. A few simple steps and you’ll be enjoying the result!

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