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Select the enclosed transport while shipping the car

There were multiple reasons why a person should select to transport their vehicle in the enclosed hauler. Most car shipping companies are ready to offer their clients the enclosed auto shipping service. But, typically, it tends to cost much more because of additional equipment. So now, let’s figure out what an enclosed car transport means, and why it would be a very good idea to choose an enclosed trailer while shipping your car from one point to another.

Enclosed auto transport provides better insurance    

And that’s true. Because, many enclosed auto shipping companies provide their clients with extended insurance coverage. It happens because a client might have an exclusive or luxury car, which requires greater protection. An enclosed trailer is safer than the open transport because it provides better protection for the vehicle when it unloads or loads into the hauler. Most services prefer to use soft straps rather than chain straps for the additional protection, which means that your car will be safe. Because in some rare cases, chain straps increase the risk of damage and you definitely wouldn't want your expensive car to be damaged.

Enclosed trailer protects the vehicle from environmental impact

It’s very important to protect your car from adverse weather and elements. Especially when your car is shipped to the area where the weather patterns are really bad. So if you’re worried that your personal car might be vulnerable to severe weather conditions, you should definitely choose auto enclosed shipping. It will protect your car from, for example, dust storms, rain and snow that may occur at different regions throughout the country. Because such weather elements may leave dirt, scratches, dust, and diverse defects on the paint surface of your vehicle. So if you wouldn't want to get your personal vehicle in a very bad condition, it’s strongly suggested to find the company that offers their clients an auto shipping enclosed carrier.

Enclosed trailer is pretty safe when it comes to luxury vehicles

Let’s look at provable facts why it is so. When the vehicle shipping enclosed auto transport, you can definitely be sure that your personal car is under greater protection while it is shipped. The enclosed hauler protects the car not only from severe weather, but also from any attempts at vandalism. An auto transport enclosed shipping is perfect for those who own a unique or exclusive automobile. Such expensive vehicles need to be protected very well because of their excessive cost. So if you’re an owner of an ordinary car, there is no need to ship it in an enclosed auto transport because it doesn't provide super protection. The type of enclosed trailer is perfect for luxury and unique cars.

How much does enclosed auto shipping cost?

There are some major factors that may influence enclosed auto shipping quotes. Let’s briefly consider some of them.

Factors that may impact the enclosed auto shipping quote are the value of your vehicle, the size and the weight of your car, and, of course, the distance. This is the standard formula that shipping services usually use to calculate auto shipping enclosed cost. However it is worth noting that the average value of the auto enclosed service shipping per trip exceeds open auto shipping prices by 500 - 2,000 US dollars. It costs more due to additional protection that an enclosed hauler offers. This means that the enclosed auto transport will cost you 40-60% more than the open transport carrier. And yet the major factor that determines auto shipping price is the distance of the trip.

For those who want to get more detail about the auto shipping process, you might be interested to know why enclosed auto shipping is more expensive than the open auto shipping carrier. Unfortunately, currently there’s a lack of enclosed haulers. Which is why most car shipping services don't offer their clients this type of auto transport. Scheduling becomes complex when supply is limited and demand is increased. This situation forces auto shipping companies to raise prices and this leads to a significant reduction in the number of customers. Besides the lack of enclosed trailers , there are other factors that influence the price increase. For example, auto shipping companies hire only experienced drivers to operate the enclosed hauler. And by the way, enclosed trailers have limited space that decreases the opportunity for making a profit. The enclosed auto transport might be also expensive due to the high price of insurance coverage, which is intended for protection of super expensive or luxury cars. And the last factor that may impact the price of enclosed transport is the specialized additional equipment. Such equipment is needed for keeping the transport car running.

How you can find an enclosed auto transport provider

Enclosed TransportHave you ever looked for a reliable enclosed auto transport provider right in your area? Have you ever been interested in finding it? As the first step in finding the best enclosed auto shipping company, you can benefit from social networks. You can make several posts online about looking for an enclosed shipping provider. And perhaps your followers will recommend some good companies to you. Never underestimate the power of social media. It can really work to your advantage. While you search for the most appropriate services, you can ask your loved ones who have the ability to put you in touch with car shipping companies they’ve already worked with. But if there’s no one who could help you in your search because no one has any experience working with a car transport company, you can always contact your moving company for some recommendations. In some cases, vehicle shipping providers create partnerships with moving companies. Which means that it can help you to get referral discounts if you consult with your movers before you test your luck of the draw.

can help you score referral discounts if you confer with your movers before testing your luck of the draw.

Also, it should be noted that some transport companies very often offer car shipping services, trying to kill two birds with one stone. Be sure that the quotes of the moving company will be much higher than its competitors. It happens because of the convenience factor. At the very least, just scroll through the first-page results when you’ll be looking for a trustworthy car shipping company on Google. By the way, when the company achieves first-page Google rankings, it means that the company invests a big amount of energy and time into their SEO strategy. And this strategy is really good. Thus, they enjoy their high-profit margins. And it allows for a more sizable marketing budget. Similarly, higher profit margins usually proves that the company has a constant flow of customers. And the clients of such a company are very satisfied with the quality of the service.


Therefore, despite excessively high prices that can scare frugal car owners, enclosed auto transport service remains the most advantageous investment. If you can't decide what shipping provider to choose,  just contact car shipping companies that have good reviews. Such top rated car shipping companies have a reliable and high quality service.

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