Long distance car transport

Everything you need to know about long distance car transport

Moving is usually a stressful experience. Especially if you transport car long distance. Good news! If you are ever interested in how to transport a car long distance, you can make it that much easier by hiring a car transport service to ship your car.  Once your transport order is booked and your vehicle is picked up, you can turn your attention to the rest of the move. With a little planning, hiring an auto hauler will ensure your automobile is at your final destination when you arrive without you having to tow it behind a moving van or driving it yourself.

Use car transport long-distance companies to ship your belongings

The hot weather months of summer is the peak season for long-distance movers and vehicle shipping companies. It happens for a variety of reasons. Companies are relocating employees. People are making moves for jobs or personal reasons they may have put off during the winter. Military servicemen and servicewomen receive new orders transporting them to installations across the country and globe. College kids are done for the summer and may want to move their stuff home in late May and June, and then ship them back to college in August and early September. The annual snowbird migration also takes place. Hiring a long distance car transport company to ship your household items makes moving easier. The same can be said of using a vehicle delivery service to transport your automobile to your new home.

Long distance auto transport options

For example, if you have a very valuable vehicle (a very expensive car or an exotic car), you might want to look at hiring an enclosed auto transport trailer. It will offer more protection for your expensive car. It's like transporting your automobile in a large truck similar to how race cars are transported across the country. These trucks are specially designed to get your vehicle safely from one point to another, with no damage to your precious automobile. Long distance car transport services are extremely careful with your automobile. They know its value and will inspect the car on arrival to ensure that no damage has occurred. If you select to have your vehicle shipped on an open multi-deck trailer, the long distance auto shipping company will take the same amount of care to ensure that your car is well looked after. Next time you need to ship your vehicle, find a long distance auto transport service to relieve stress and make the whole process much easier. 

Long haul trucks are best way to transport a car long distance

long distance moving companiesThese trucks are best for long distance car shippers that need to transport their automobiles for long distances. Long distance car transport service uses these to carry heavy cargo as they are designed to handle such. Long haulers can have a length of up to 30ft. This is the length of the flatbed rigs on which the cargo is carried. Such haulers can hold several automobiles at once, making it the perfect option in the industry. This is the best option for both customers and long distance car shippers. Long distance shipping allows the car long distance transport company to save on petrol prices through multi deliveries to a given location. Long distance car shippers use long haul car carriers to do one trip with multiple cars to several areas on route. This is a sure cut way as it allows for efficient cost effective deliveries over long routes. If you are shipping more than one automobile to a destination or even several, on a common route, then long distance shipping will benefit you financially. This is cost effective as you only pay for one long distance towing truck. Long distance shipping is versatile as it allows the client the option of the most affordable way of shipping. Enclosed haulers cost more and there are very few if any that use this option. Open trailers come in two forms, single and multi loading. Multi car trailers are either single or double decked compartments. Single compartments allow for several automobiles in a single file. 

Prices may vary according to different factors

While long distance car transport services should be able to provide you with a fairly accurate quote for shipping your automobile, there are several variables that will impact the actual long distance car transport cost. These include the size and weight of your automobile. It also includes the location of your delivery (door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal delivery), the distance of your transport, and the type of transport (open or enclosed).

Check for insurance

When handing over your car to a shipping service, you want to make sure the company is properly insured should anything happen to your precious vehicle. Your transport car long-distance company should provide a Certificate of Insurance that covers cargo. You should also check with your own auto insurance company to see if your automobile is covered during the shipment.

Delivery times cannot be guaranteed

Most car shipping services require a certain window of time for scheduling a pickup and delivery. This window is usually between 5 and 7 days. Beware of any company that says they guarantee delivery. Unlike airlines, auto carriers encounter several variables that can affect delivery time such as weather conditions, traffic, and road closures.

Prepare your automobile before the shipment

Once you have chosen a car shipping service, you will need to take the proper steps to prepare your vehicle for shipment. Clean your automobile inside and out. Don’t forget to take pictures of your automobile’s condition. Make a note of any scratches, dings, or dents. Remove all personal items from inside the car. Make sure the gas tank is only a quarter full and check to make sure your battery is fully charged.

Sell your car with quick transportation

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