Popularity of the car hauler services

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Popularity of the car hauler services

There are a lot of reasons and particular cases where people are looking for a car hauling service. If you are one of them you must be interested in some details in regards to this procedure.

Two types of the car hauling

Most commonly, when a car’s owner typing in Google ``To rent a car hauler near me”, it means open transportation. It's a much cheaper and affordable option for most of the owners as it lets them arrange a quicker delivery. The main disadvantages of this type of transportation include a higher risk of scratches and damages (caused by rocks, birds, insects and others), the necessity to deeply wash a car upon arrival and the influence of the weather conditions. Especially if you are considering long-distance transportation, you need to carefully think about all the pros and cons of this method.

An enclosed car hauling is a great choice for those who are interested in extra care of their property. Here the car will be placed into the trailer and therefore protected from all the environmental impacts. But for such a secure transportation the owner will need to pay an extra fee which may cause up to 60 percent higher rate.

Reasons to hire a car haul company

Sometimes it makes sense to drive your car from point A to point B by yourself as it will save you money. On the other hand, if we are talking about a really long distance or unusual route, it will be much safer and more efficient to apply for a professional car haul service. If you are still wondering, here are just a couple of the most popular benefits you will get:

  • Time saving. Transferring the transportation to the car hauling company, you can concentrate on other important things like packing of the personal belongings when moving to another state or planning a visit of relatives when your new car will be delivered;
  • Money saving. Despite you will need to pay the car hauler’s company for its service, in most cases it’s still cheaper than to drive the car by yourself, especially on the long distance. You need to consider fuel consumption, accommodation for a night in some hotel, food and other expenses. Additionally, if talking about a car’s delivery from the auto salon from another state, you will need to get there somehow which makes the costs at least double higher;
  • Security. As soon as the transporter loads your vehicle on the truck, it’s becoming its responsibility to make sure it is safe. Most car haulers also provide trucking function so you are able to check where your car is on the way;
  • Saving your car’s condition. When being transported with haulers, there is no additional mileage putting on the car. Moreover, there is also a risk the car will be broken when driving, especially if you need to cover a huge distance. Plus, who will want to get a totally new car from the salon with a significant mileage included.

Choosing a hauling company

car hauling companies

It’s up to you to make a priority for the price or the company’s reputation. Here we will disclose two main types of the haulers themselves and the main differences between them.

  1. Brokers. They are acting like mediators between the customers (in this case, car’s owners) and carriers (which will transport the car). They help to find an appropriate transportation company in the most efficient way so you will not need to spend hours and days making research. Professional brokers have a wide network and normally can offer you several deals from different services’ providers. Your main responsibility in here is to check the reliability of the carrier you chose as the broker itself normally can’t guarantee it.
  2. Carriers. Here you are dealing directly with the company that will arrange the delivery so can go through more details in the shorter period of time. Also, here you have more guarantees. The main problem is to find an appropriate carrier which will be ready to ship your vehicle as soon as possible and with all the requirements you may have.

Whichever car haulers trucking company and particular service you choose, you always need to make sure it’s trustworthy. Here you can take all the advantages of modern technologies and the Internet in particular. Nowadays it will take just a couple of minutes to check the rating and most recent reviews of any company in the country. It’s also essential that you leave your own feedback afterwards to help to keep the company’s reputation updated.

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