What is an auto transport quotes ?

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What is an auto transport quote?

When you are dealing with your car transportation, which is arranged via a third-party, you most probably will be provided with an auto transporter quote. Basically, it’s a price you are requested to pay for the delivery of your car.

In comparison with usual prices which are fixed for all types of services, here we are dealing with a very flexible cost, with a lot of factors to be considered.

What is included into the quote?

The quotes for an auto transport can vary even within the same route. And while the time and labor expenses usually stay the same for the same distance, there are a lot of additional factors. To better understand such a tendency, you will disclose the main components of the final price you get.


  1. Parameters of your car. First of all, it’s your car’s make and model as well as a year. Considering the features of each particular car the company can take into account its standard weight and height. The main reason for this is because the carrier itself has quite a strict limitation in regards to the full weight of the truck together with cars. Also, the price can significantly rise just because you have a pretty expensive and rare vehicle. In case of sports and classic cars the driver will need to take extra care about them which will cost you more (but in this particular case is definitely worth it).
  2. Time of the year. It can be surprising, but there are low and high seasons even in the transportation industry. You should expect to pay more during a so-called high season with high demand for the car’s delivery. Normally, people are choosing to move to a new house or even to buy a new car from the official representative in another state in summertime. And exactly during this period of time you will have higher auto transporters’ quotes. The same is in regards to long holidays and vacations when people usually go to visit a family and request a professional car’s transportation services. If you wish to save additional hundreds of dollars, you should try to choose a less popular season. For example, winter and late autumn.
  3. Transporter itself. Normally, there are only two types of the trucks you will be requested to choose from. Firstly, an open transporter which is much more popular and famous because of its attractive price. Basically, when you are getting the first offer in regards to the transport auto quotes, it’s for an open transport. One more essential benefit of this particular transporter is a much faster possibility to deliver your car (again, because of higher demand from the ordinary drivers). An enclosed transporter will add about 50 percent to the original quote, which obviously makes this type more suitable for the owners of more expensive and valuable cars who want and can afford such a huge raise. When choosing an enclosed transportation your car will be placed inside the trailer and, therefore, will be fully protected from the weather conditions as well as from prying eyes.
  4. Insurance. Despite the fact that traditionally insurance is already included into the basic auto quote, you may request for an additional one, especially if the value of your car is exceeding the insurance coverage. It always makes sense and you should never try to avoid this kind of expense. Although accidents are not a common thing when we are speaking about professional and experienced carriers, it will make the whole process much less stressful both for you and for the transportation company.
  5. Estimated waiting time. You should expect to pay a significant amount of money extra in case you are willing to receive your vehicle as soon as possible and to become a priority for the carrier. This is one of the most expensive features of the whole transportation cost. The same time, if a car’s owner needs to get the car urgently, he always has the possibility to do so. Nowadays, you can even apply for a 24-hour express delivery.

Of course, even considering all the factors above, the quotes from different carriers can be still different. It’s your choice to deal with a reliable and famous carrier or with a little bit cheaper but less experienced transportation company with much less reviews. By the way, in this regard, the reviews are one of the most important things you need to pay attention to before making a deal. You can easily check them online as well as to ask your friends and relatives who dealt with a particular carrier.

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