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How Much it cost to Transport a Car from State to State

People today may have different reasons for relocation - some change their permanent residence, others go on long-lasting business trips. No matter why you have decided to move, you are likely to take your favorite car with you. Here comes the most important question: How much does it cost to transport a car from state to state?

In order to know the answer to this question you should have at least a slight idea about the factors that influence the cost of transporting a car to another state and, in general, you should understand what services vehicle transportation includes.

We have prepared a piece of useful information for you to help you understand the issue and make the right decision.

Factors influencing interstate car transport prices

The best way to know how much to transport car interstate is to request a few quotes from shippers in order to have what to compare and choose from. You will notice that different companies have different transporting a car from state to state cost. However, all the shippers take into account the same factors when they shape their interstate car transport instant quote. Let’s have a look at the main variables influencing how much you pay for car shipping.

How does the distance affect the car interstate transport quote?

When you ask anyone ‘How much is it to transport a car from state to state?’, you will receive a counter question ‘How far do you need to transport your vehicle?’

Distance is one of the most significant variables that influence the interstate car transport quote, and it’s not a surprise. Generally, the farther you plan to ship your car, the higher the interstate car transport price is. However, you should remember that almost all shipping companies offer special prices per mile. Say, if you plan to ship your vehicle for a distance shorter than 500 miles, the price will be about $1 per mile. As the distance grows up to 1,000-1,500 miles, the cost of transporting a car to another state becomes around $0.50 per mile and sometimes even lower.

How do the dimensions and model of the vehicle change the car transport interstate quote?

All shipping carriers are designed to accommodate a particular number of vehicles. As you might guess, the larger the vehicles are, the fewer items the transporter will be able to move. This will lead to a higher car transport interstate quote.

For instance, if you want to ship a sedan or a micro, you will get the minimal car interstate transport quote. Whereas, moving a pickup or a van will be much more pricey.

The same is with the make and model of the vehicle. A small family car won’t have a high interstate car transport instant quote, while exclusive modifications of vehicles and rare models have increased transportation costs.

How do current and final locations change the interstate car transport quote?

There are more shipping companies located in metropolitan areas. Thus, because of high competition transporting a car from state to state cost is lower in urban regions.

So if you want your vehicle to be picked up in some remote locality or in any rural zone, the interstate car transport price will be a bit higher. The same is when you need to have your car dropped off far from major highways. Transporting a car from state to state cost will increase, if your point A and point B are difficult to access.

How does the delivery method affect the interstate car transport prices?

car shippingHow much to transport car interstate depends also on the delivery method you prefer. You are free to choose between door-ro-door and terminal-to-terminal options.

The first option is more pricey due to convenience. You just have your car picked up in the previously agreed location and get it delivered to the previously specified destination. So you won’t spend time and effort to drive the vehicle on your own, unless points A and B are in completely inaccessible locations.

Terminal-to-terminal shipping has a lower cost of transporting a car to another state. Nevertheless, there can be unpleasant pitfalls of this shipping option. In particular, if for some reasons you don't accept your car until the specified date, you may be asked to pay extra money for storage. Another downside is that not all shippers have enough terminals around the USA. It can turn out that you will travel a very long distance to the nearest terminal in order to leave your vehicle there or to pick it up.

How does the condition of the vehicle influence the car transport interstate quote?

The answer to the question ‘How much does it cost to transport a car from state to state?’ will be different depending on the operating of your car.

A shipper will charge you more for an inoperable car. The transporter will need to use special equipment to load/unload your vehicle. If your car is out of order, there are certain requirements for it as well. For example, there shouldn't be any fuel leakage, the emergency brake should be working, etc. You’d better clear up in advance with your shipper what their requirements are for the transportation of non-working vehicles.

NB! Bear in mind that not all companies ship inoperable vehicles.

How does seasonality impact a car interstate transport quote?

This may come as a surprise, but even the time of the year influences how much to transport car interstate.

As a rule, interstate car transport prices are higher in the summer, which is a peak season for car transportation. Therefore, it's better to ship a car in the winter, although the risk of bad weather is higher then.

In general, the more in advance you plan your car to move, the better, as the interstate car transport instant quote will be cheaper. Most companies offer a shipping window of 5-20 days where you have to fit in. If you cannot fit this shipping window or if you need express shipping, you are likely to pay more.  

What type of shipping is cheaper?

There are two options for shipping methods - open shipping and enclosed transportation.

When you request an open carrier interstate car transport quote you will get it cheaper than for an enclosed carrier. Open trailers are more cost-efficient because they don’t provide 100% protection to the vehicle.

Enclosed transportation interstate car transport price is about 40-60% higher, but this method of shipping is much safer because the car is sealed inside a special container and the risk of unintended damage is minimal.   

As you can see, the final price for the shipping will largely depend on your circumstances and your preferences.

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