How much is it to transport cars to another state

How much is it to transport a car to another state

“How much is it to transport a car to another state?” - this is the question which will come first to your mind as soon as you decide to move your vehicle interstate. There are so many companies in the market which offer shipping quotes trying to get a client. But how can you find the one which is not a cheater, and is ready to transport your car at the realistic price? In order not to be deceived by irresponsible shippers, you need to have at least a slight idea about average costs for car transportation and to know how much for car transport you should pay.

We have prepared the information below to help you find the most appropriate solution to your shipping problem.

Factors that influence how much to transport car   

In order to find the answer to the question “How much is car transport?” you should understand what factors the formation of shipping quotes depends on. We have arranged them in a list for your comfort. Check the information below.

How soon do you want to have your car shipped?

When you request a quote from any shipping company, you are most likely to get a shipping window with the available dates to fit in. However, it isn’t always possible to adjust to the periods offered by the company, although sometimes they are rather long, 5-20 days. So if you need to have your car delivered as soon as possible, be ready to pay more. Expedited shipping is a service which involves extra payments for speed. 

If you want to minimize the cost, try to plan your shipping as much in advance as possible. In this case the carriers will have enough time to bid on your reservation and you will get a lower price.

How do you want to get your car delivered?

How much to transport a car depends on how you want to have your vehicle delivered. If you want the carrier to pick it up at your place and deliver it to the specific location, the cost will get higher. This is called door-to-door delivery. But don’t get deceived by the name of the service. This doesn’t mean that the company will bring your vehicle right to your door. In some situations driving into narrow streets is impossible. Therefore, the driver may offer locations close to your place, but not exactly the place you may indicate in the order.

Another option of delivery, which affects how much to transport car to another state, is when you leave your vehicle at the company’s terminal for shipping and then accept it at the destination terminal upon the delivery. This is called terminal-to-terminal shipping.

Undoubtedly, door-to-door option is more convenient as you don’t have to drive your car to or from a terminal. But it is also more expensive. Shipping a vehicle terminal-to-terminal may also have downsides. For instance, not all companies have their own terminals all over the USA. What is more, there can be extra fees for storing your vehicle for a long period.

What type of carrier do you need? 

cost to ship a carThe answer to the question “How much is to transport a car?” will largely depend on the type of trailer you choose for the transportation.

If you are going to ship your everyday car, say a standard family vehicle, open-air shipping will do. This is the most cost-efficient option, when the vehicle is placed on an open trailer, secured, and transported together with other vehicles. The only downside is that the car is open to nature, so there is some risk of getting damaged by road debris and bad weather. And if the company doesn't provide the service of washing cars upon delivery, you’ll possibly need to do it yourself. 

If you are going to ship a luxury or rare car, for example, some antique vehicle or a classic auto, you’d better choose enclosed transport. This type of shipping provides better protection, as the vehicle is covered from all the sides. An enclosed trailer resembles a container, inside which the car is safely sealed from the environment. But bear in mind that this option is more expensive and less available, because the number of accessible enclosed trailers is limited in comparison with the open ones.

How far do you need to transport your vehicle?

It is almost impossible to say how much to transport a car to another state, without knowing the distance the shipping hauler will need to cover. 

This factor can be logically explained - the farther you transport the car, the more you pay. As a rule, shipping companies offer the rate per mile. When you ship your vehicle for long distances, you may get a discount per mile.

What are the pick up and drop off locations?

How much for car transport you should pay depends on where from and to your vehicle is to be shipped. If your current and final locations are situated in rural areas or in remote regions far from main highways, the cost of shipping may increase. On the one hand, this is because of the fact that transport companies will have to drive far to pick up your vehicle or to drop it off. And on the other hand, there are fewer shippers located in the country, almost all of them are situated close to metropolitan areas.

What kind of vehicle are you going to ship?

When you are requesting a quote to know how much to transport car, you will be asked to indicate the make and model of your vehicle.

A standard sedan or some compact car will be the least expensive vehicle to ship, while SUVs and vans will cost more. Thus, larger and heavier cars cost more to transport.

Do you need to ship an operable or inoperable vehicle?   

The answer to the question “How much is it to transport a car?” depends on the condition of the vehicle you are going to ship. If your car is out of order, you are likely to pay more, as the company will need special equipment to be able to load/unload your vehicle. 

To sum up, we would like to say that how much to transport a car to another state will largely be influenced by the factors mentioned above and by the extra options you would like to have. Whatever company you choose, don’t forget to check whether it is registered and licensed, and what type of insurance it has.

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