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How to Find Best Military Car Transport

Quotev often military staff have to change their location, as they get a permanent change of station. Most people prefer to take their car with them to the new location, and this is when we start speaking about privately owned vehicles transportation and about the best military car transporters. The material below will be useful, if you plan to move your POV and don’t know what to start with, or if you are searching for military discount car transport.

How to choose the right military car transport company?

Choosing the right company which will provide you with a reasonable car transport military discount isn’t an easy task to do. However, if you follow the steps below, you are most likely to succeed in this difficult process.

  1. Experience in military transport cars. Look for a car transport company for military which has a well-developed website and a large record of transport car in military. These should be professionals who have already transported numerous vehicles for the military.

  2. Reasonable pricing policy. Most companies offer a good car transport company military discount, but nor all of them. Don’t miss your chance to find a company with reasonable prices for the military. However, this shouldn’t necessarily be the cheapest option, since what is chep is’t always of good quality. Cheap car transport for military may have hidden fees and certain restrictions regarding the quality of the service and their completeness.

  3. Positive military car transport reviews. We strongly recommend you to check online reviews for the various military car transporters only on the reliable resources. Visit Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews, and Yelp to make sure that there are only verified reviews. Arrange your search by the words ‘military’ or ‘POV’, and check the results. Don’t expect to find a military car transport company without a single negative review, it’s almost impossible. Just keep analyzing and making the right conclusions.

What algorithm to follow when looking for a military discount car transport? 

If you want to find a good car transport military discount, we advise you to follow the following algorithm:

  1. Request multiple quotes & compare them. The more quotes you get, the better idea about military shipping cost you will get. Try to request at least 5-7 quotes from 4-5 companies. Compare both open and enclosed shipping, if needed.
  2. If you have doubts about cheap car transport for military, contact the company staff directly and ask questions about their services and the available car transport service military discount. Clear up what exactly the shipping quote includes in order to avoid any hidden fees.
  3. Make a deal with the company specializing in military car transport and providing you with the best terms for their service. Bear in mind that your aim is not to find a cheap car transport for military, but to come across the best ratio of quality and price. 
  4. If necessary, get in touch with the managers directly to clarify the drop off and the pickup locations, insurance coverage issues, etc.  

What are the best military car transporters?

The market of companies that transport car in military is rather large, so in order to choose the company that suits your needs best, you may have to spend some time. However, we have prepared a top-3 for you. Read on to find more about each of them.


AmeriFreight is a reliable player in the shipping industry with more than 15 years of experience in military transport cars. With an average quote of $950 per mile, the company offers a $35 car transport service military discount and provides a comprehensive insurance plan. Although the discount itself isn’t high, the shipping quote offered by AmeriFreight is the lowest among all the competitors working with military transport cars. 

All the drivers of the company are professionals, well-informed about the specifics of military car transport. AmeriFreight has strict selection conditions for carriers, they check the licenses, registration, and all the permissions for vehicle transportation. So it’s not a surprise that the company has a lot of positive reviews. 

As for the insurance plan, AmeriFreight provides additional $2,000 in case the standard coverage is insufficient. What is more, they give you 48 hours to claim damage. This is especially important when the vehicle is delivered at night and you have no possibility to evaluate the condition of the vehicle upon the delivery.

Montway Auto Transport 

Military Equipment TransportMontway Auto Transport is another car transport company for military with more than 15 years of expertise. The3 shipper has a well-developed website with a section about how to transport car in military.  

If you want to be constantly updated on your delivery status, Montway Auto Transport is the best option for you. This company has the best GPS tracking system and provides its customers with detailed information about the delivery process. As for the pricing, it’s rather affordable, with a military discount car transport of up to $50.  

For those who need to have their vehicle picked up on a specific date, Montway Auto Transport offers guaranteed dates. This is especially important for the military as they generally need to move on a particular date.

American Auto Shipping

The best option for people searching for cheap car transport for military is working with American Auto Shipping. This company is among the few shippers offering guaranteed quotes. This means that the initial quote you get from the shipper is the final price you will pay for the service. Furthermore, American Auto Shipping offers a $25-100 car transport military discount depending on the carrier. By the way, the shipper doesn’t take any deposit from its customers.

Taking into account everything mentioned above, we can easily understand why American Auto Shipping enjoys great popularity and has a lot of positive reviews from satisfied customers. People note that it’s convenient to request an instant online quote and to work with the company. Just in a few simple steps you can learn how much shipping your car will cost.

One thing we should mention is that the initial quotes offered by American Auto Shipping are a bit higher than those of the competitors’.
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As you can see, finding a reputable military car transport company isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first sight. Just be patient and consider all the information above.

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