Best way to transport a car across country

What is the Best Way to Transport Car across Country

People may have different reasons for shipping their car to another state. Someone has changed the working location and wants to take his favorite car with him. Another one has just bought a luxury car and needs to get it delivered to the new destination as safely as possible. There are even people who participate in vehicle exhibitions and do not want to drive their car to the site, but want it to be transported. 

One issue which is common for everyone mentioned above is that they all will look for the best way to transport a car across country. If for some reason you need to solve the same problem, the information below will be useful for you.

What ways to transport car across country should you consider?

In general, there is no universal method to ship a vehicle which can be considered the best way to transport car cross country, just because we all are different, and what is good for one person can be inconvenient for another. Everyone has his/her own preferences depending on the budget, deadline, service quality, etc. 

However, in order to be able to find the best way to transport a car across the country, you should know what are the options.

Shipping a car by plane

Shipping a car by plane is surely not the best way to transport a car cross country as it is very pricey. This method is more often used by people who need to ship their luxury cars overseas. However, if you have an unlimited budget and need to have your vehicle delivered as safely as possible and in the shortest timeframe - go ahead!

Shipping a car by train 

You can transport car by train across country but only to certain locations and with a limited number of transport companies. Undoubtedly, it will cost you less than shipping by air freight, but this method is more time-consuming.

Shipping a car on a trailer 

Believe it or not, but this option is really the best way to transport car across country from all points of view. Using a specializing vehicle transport company is the most popular and demanded method of car shipping. Almost all shipping companies offer two types of shipping - open transport and enclosed shipping services.

When is an open truck the best way to transport a car across country?

TruckTransporting a vehicle on an open truck is more popular than enclosed shipping. Let’s see when this option is appropriate. 

If you are looking for a cost-efficient solution, open-air shipping is the best way to transport car cross country for you. This method isn’t expensive in comparison with all the others and it is more or less convenient. The transport company picks up your car at the agreed location and delivers it to the mentioned destination. In case of terminal-to-terminal shipping the vehicle will be picked up at a certain terminal and delivered to the terminal which is the nearest to your destination.

The main downside of this type of shipping is that it doesn’t guarantee 100% safety to your vehicle. As during the whole trip the car is exposed to road elements and weather conditions, there may occur certain kinds of damage, caused, for instance, by hail, stones, etc.

When is an enclosed truck the best way to transport a car across the country?

If you are going to ship an antique or classic car, or if you are simply too concerned about the safety of your vehicle during the transportation, enclosed shipping will be the best way to transport a car cross country. This method ensures total protection of the vehicle, as the car is sealed inside a container or enclosed truck and it isn’t exposed to road elements or natural disasters.  

Nevertheless, this type of shipping has certain disadvantages. Since there are fewer shippers owing enclosed trucks, and their number is limited, the shipping window offered by transport companies may vary from 5 to 20 days. In some cases expedited shipping is possible, but you will have to pay extra money for that. In general, enclosed shipping is more pricey than open-air transport. So be ready to pay 40-60% more for additional protection of your vehicle and peace of mind. 

Insurance and best cross country car transport

No matter whether you decide to transport car by train across country or by car carrier, you should clearly understand that even the best cross country car transport, if regarded from the point of service, is almost nothing without proper insurance.

All carrier companies in the USA must be licensed and provide standard insurance. However, this standard insurance isn’t always adequate, as there are some pitfalls. In order not to get deceived, ask the shipper to provide you an all-inclusive quote and clear up in advance what kind of damage the provided insurance covers.    

We hope that this article will become your first step on the way to finding the best way to transport a car cross country.

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