Reviews on top auto shipping companies

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Reviews on best auto shipping companies

It’s always good to have a lot of choices, but on the other hand it’s making the whole process of looking for the best deal more complicated. If we are considering modern auto shipping companies you can find more than 300 different variants across the country. Here we will pay your attention to the most famous and reliable ones. Of course, you can choose any other, but at least you will know what features and details you need to put into consideration.

Top auto shipping companies in the USA

You can always use Google to search for “auto shipping companies near me”, but the following ones are famous and big enough to have offices in almost every state so most probably you will be able to apply for their service whichever locations you are considering.

Also, we should mention here the average prices in the industry to provide you with some basis for the comparison. There are two main types of the delivery, and first of all you should choose if you would prefer an open or enclosed transportation. The first one will cost you 710 USD average and will give you more flexibility in regards to the dates and the period of the delivery. The enclosed delivery will cost you slightly more – 1,120 USD but here your car will be fully protected from the environmental effects on the road (such as snow, rain, birds, dust and others).

  1. Sherpa Auto Transport is definitely the example of the best auto shipping company in the country. Despite the prices which are slightly higher than of competitors in this list, you can expect an amazing service as well as a guarantee. It’s a unique case when you can get a locked-in price which will not be changed whatever is happening. In standard situations there is always a risk that the final price will be at least slightly higher than an original one. There are a lot of reasons for it to happen. For example, the driver may have to change the route because of some weather conditions which will lead to more fuel consumption. Or the fuel price itself will raise. With these locked-in prices you can be assured that you will be protected from such disappointment. You can also add an extra insurance coverage if the value of your vehicle is pretty high. It’s always highly recommended to check the reviews on auto shipping companies, and from this perspective you also will be satisfied. Finally, we cannot ignore mentioning one more significant advantage – washing service upon arrival on the complimentary basis (which actually worth up to 20 dollars). If you have chosen open transportation across the whole country, this service will be more than helpful to make sure there are no damages on the surface.
  2. Bargain Auto Transport. If the price plays a most significant role for you, among the cheapest auto shipping companies we would definitely underline Bargain Auto Transport. It’s a transportation broker which will be a great tool for the fast and efficient deal. You can choose a budget, and the broker will do its best to find for you an appropriate carrier. The only thing you need to always remember when dealing with a third-party mediator is that it’s only your responsibility to check all the details of the contract with the carrier you choose. The companies listed within Bargain Auto Transport are meanwhile trustworthy and reliable, which is proved by a great rating of the broker and an overwhelming majority of the good reviews.
  3. Montway Auto Transport. Even international auto shipping companies are not always dealing with some remote locations. That is why Montway is so popular and in demand in such states as Hawaii and Alaska as its coverage is across the whole country. There are some restrictions, of course. For example, to get the car delivered to Hawaii, it should already be on the west coast. You will also get a guaranteed date for a pick-up service which is truly important, especially if you are planning to move to a new house and need everything to be scheduled in advance. We just should mention that, so far, the reviews of auto shipping companies in this case are not so great.
  4. AmeriFreight. If you will visit the official website and will apply for getting an online quota, you can mention that it’s slightly higher than of competitors (while still lower than average in the market). But it’s just from the first sight. There are a great number of discounts for different groups of customers. Even if it’s your first time to apply for the car’s delivery service, you will get some bonus. Military, students, senior, early birds – these are just a couple of examples. As a result, the final price can be much more attractive than other cheap auto shipping companies. What is also important, this transportation broker provides the clients with a so-called gap insurance meaning if for some reason the carrier’s company rejects some payment for insurance, it will be done by AmeriFreight.
  5. Easy Auto Ship. We kept this company till the end, but many customers consider it as the cheapest and the most efficient option for the car’s transportation. You will get everything you need across the whole country for a very competitive price. Despite the fact that this transportation company is relatively new in the industry it has already proved its viability. It's especially popular among the owners of rare and classic cars as an enclosed transportation within this carrier is about 300-400 dollars cheaper than of the competitors. Additionally, you can be assured that in this case your car will get all the attention during its safe and fast delivery.

Car Shipping Companies

Auto shipping companies’ reviews is one of the main tools you can use to find the best deal for you and your vehicle. The companies above have proved their reliability during their experience but even in this case it’s always better to check the most recent feedbacks to make sure they are still on the top. That is why you should also share your view and experience after getting your car delivered.

You also should not follow only an attractive rate as in some cases it means some hidden costs you will need to pay upon your car’s delivery. Or it just includes very poor transportation conditions.

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