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When you need to ship a car, you want to find an affordable car transport company, which will render you timely and high-quality service. But it isn’t an easy task to do just because the market is full of transport companies ready to make you thousands of tempting offers. How can you choose the right option, and how should you know who’s the best affordable car transport company? We have prepared a piece of useful information to keep you aware of the main car shipping market tendencies and to provide you with the answers to the questions mentioned above. 

What’s the most affordable car transport method?

There are several ways to transport a vehicle from state to state. You can ship a car by plane, but it’s too expensive. You can use a train to transport a car, but it’s too time-consuming. The best option to choose is to take advantage of professional shipping services. There are a lot of affordable car transporters which can safely and timely deliver your vehicle from point A to point B.

If you work with a shipping company, you can try to get an affordable car transport quote by following the steps below:

  • Make an early reservation. The more in advance, you plan to ship your vehicle, the less you will pay for it. In general, you should know that expedited shipping services always have higher rates.

  • Change if needed your pickup and drop-off dates to make them more comfortable for the shipper.

  • Choose terminal-to-terminal delivery over door-to-door. When you want your car to be delivered directly to your door, you should be ready to pay extra for the convenience. However, when you drop your vehicle at a transport terminal and then pick it up at another, you are likely to save money. The only thing you should remember is that some companies may take extra payment for storing your vehicle at a terminal.

  • Request a shipping quote for an open carrier and not an enclosed one. Open shipping is the most affordable car transport since it costs less than enclosed transportation and is more widespread. Undoubtedly, enclosed carriers provide more protection to the vehicle during the move, as well as during the loading/unloading. But at the same time, shipping quotes for enclosed transport are about 40-60% higher than those for open transport. So if you want to find affordable enclosed car transport, it may be a hard task.

  • Empty your car. Your vehicle’s weight is one of the factors that shape the shipping cost. If you want to get affordable interstate car transport, empty your vehicle and take off all the additional elements and accessories that may add weight to the car.

In general, we recommend you request multiple quotes from several companies in order to find not only the most affordable car transport service but also the most reliable and trustworthy one, which will fully fit your needs and requirements.

What do the prices say about affordable car carrier transport?

One of the main factors that determine the cost of shipping is the distance. The thing is that the farther you need to transport your vehicle, the less you will pay per mile, although the overall cost will rise. 

For example, if you need to have your vehicle transported for less than 500 miles, you are likely to pay about $1.90 per mile. The price tag for distances over 500 and up to 1,500 miles is about $0.90, and the lowest price per mile is when you need to transport your vehicle over 1,500 miles - in some cases it is less than $0.50.

What are the determining factors for affordable car transport service?

Rear view of trailer of new cars and trucks speeding to market.As we have already mentioned, distance is one of the main factors that influence the formation of shipping costs. However, there are a lot of other issues that should be taken into account when searching for affordable interstate car transport. Find some of them below:

  • Specifics of your vehicle. Firstly, the size and the weight of the car influence the price tag, since larger cars occupy more space on the carrier, and heavier vehicles don't allow taking more cargo. As a result, the shipper has to increase the cost to compensate for the losses. Secondly, vehicles of unusual make and model are more expensive to transport, as they require additional attention and sometimes even additional equipment for loading and unloading.

  • Initial and final destinations. If you want your vehicle to be picked up at or delivered to a rural area you risk paying more. The reason is that in remote areas there is less affordable car carriers transport, as a result, prices go uphill. So if you want to save money, drive your vehicle to the closest highway or large city. 

  • Operability of the vehicle. Inoperable cars are more expensive to ship since the carrier will need special equipment for the safe loading and unloading of a vehicle that is out of order. Pay attention to the fact that not all companies transport inoperable vehicles. Therefore, you should warn your carrier in advance about the condition of your car.

  • Time of year. It may sound strange, but even the season when you want to ship your vehicle can influence the shipping cost. If you search for affordable car transport, try to plan your transportation in the off-season, i.e. in the winter, when the demand is low. By the way, the more in advance you schedule the shipping dates, the more chances to find an affordable car transport service you’ll have.

  • Shipping method. As we have already mentioned, it’s harder to find affordable enclosed car transport, since shipping on an open carrier is more cost-efficient. However, if you need to transport a luxury vehicle that costs a lot, you’d better not save on vehicle protection.  

To sum up, when you are searching for an affordable car transport company, you should remember that the quality shouldn’t suffer. Try to choose the most reliable shipper among all the affordable car transporters, and check online reviews and companies' ratings.

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