Shipping vehicles overseas

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Shipping vehicles overseas: everything you need to know

There are many services that specialize in transporting various vehicles overseas. These companies can be a great help if you are planning to emigrate but wish to have your vehicle with you, such companies can be of great assistance. Before using the services of such companies, you should invest quality time into research. ​​Shipping a car overseas is a complex process that requires proper planning and careful execution. Overseas moves usually involve a few parties that need to be on the same page if you want a really smooth move. 

How do you choose the best auto transport company?

There are good and bad services available, but both are very powerful in advertising themselves. If you want to make the best choice, you should read the reviews of car companies posted online. Check out genuine testimonials of people who have used the services of the respective company. The feedback from these customers can help you make the right decision and prevent potential fraud. Don’t base your decision on customer reviews on the company's website. These reviews might be fabricated reviews and not honest client’s opinions. 

The most important documents for vehicle shipping overseas

You must carefully prepare all the documents required to transport your vehicle internationally. The required documents include:

  1. Title and registration documents (original)

  2. Car insurance papers

  3. Identification documents - the driver’s license or your passport

  4. Notarised Bill of Sale

  5. In case you export or import a car for another person, you also must present an original Power of Attorney document

  6. The Sales Tax proof documents will help the auto shipping company verify that you have paid all required taxes when you bought your vehicle

  7. If the vehicle belongs to a third party, you need to present a notarised Lien Holder document. This paper will basically allow the vehicle to leave the country.

Can you leave personal belongings in your car?

Yes, you can leave your personal belongings in the car, if you move it using a shared container. Please, note that your personal belongings cannot be insured. If you choose an exclusive container in which the car is only transported in one container, you can pack your personal belongings both in the car and in the other place in the container. In this case, you can only insure your personal assets against loss.

The average cost of shipping vehicle overseas

If you’re interested in how much it costs to send a car abroad, this section can really help you learn more about it. This is how the process usually works. Your vehicle will be loaded in a hauler and unloaded at the port where it will be loaded onto a cargo ship for the next part of the voyage. When it arrives in the destination country, the car will go through clearance at the port and be loaded onto another truck that will take it to its final destination. Although vehicle overseas shipping can be an expensive option, it depends on several factors as to how much it can affect the price. The factors that determine the cost of shipping a vehicle overseas are mentioned below.

Vehicle type

Of course, if you’re transporting a truck, the costs are bound to increase more than what you have to pay when you move a small car or even an SUV. So, depending on the type of the car, the cost of shipping a car overseas increases or decreases. The size, the weight and the space required by the automobile determine how expensive the shipping can be.


how much does it cost to ship a car overseasYou can ship your vehicle to any destination even if you are shipping your vehicle overseas military. Depending on the final destination, the shipping costs can also deflect. The most popular routes are cheaper and less popular routes cost more. The more time it takes to ship your vehicle, the more will be the cost. So the destination factor is very important to know your exact overseas vehicle shipping charges.

Transport method

Out of all shipping a vehicle overseas requirements this one seems to be the most deciding factor on the price. The transport method that you choose can cut down your price to half and can also increase it. If you are choosing a sea transport route then the cost can come down to half.

Pickup point

The auto shipping companies usually provide two types of options: door-to-door pick up and drop and pick up at the port. Of course, if you take the door-to-door method then it will increase the shipping a vehicle overseas cost as compared to the pick up at the port prices. If you want complete reliable shipping of your automobile then settling for the door-to-door pickup and drop can be the best method for you.

Time restraints

In case of urgent shipping within a stipulated time frame, you have to pay more money. If you are shipping your automobile internationally, then it can take anything between 10 days or 100 days depending upon the route. But if you want your automobile to reach within stipulated time, then it can be done by paying extra money. When you ask for an urgent shipment of the auto, you can avail of the services by paying extra money to the auto shipping company.

Shipping insurance

If you have got top-notch insurance for your automobile, then this might not be useful to you otherwise you have to pay around 1.5% to 2.5% of the total price of the automobile as shipping insurance to secure the shipping. This can clear the air over what paperwork is needed to transport an auto overseas as the shipping insurance is a very necessary document that you must provide to your transporter to keep your car safer during the shipment. Especially if you want to use military vehicle shipping overseas. As you cannot really take any uncalculated risks while shipping your car to such long distances, it’s better to have shipping insurance ready before the shipment.

Landlocked shipping

If you live far from a port then you might get a deal from overseas movers to move your vehicle to the exact destination. This might cost you around $100 or more depending upon the distance. The more miles you remain far from the port, the higher the delivery will cost. 

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