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What factors usually influence quotes on shipping a vehicle

Why quote for shipping vehicle varies

When you’re planning to transport your vehicle, the shipping quote for vehicle will vary based on who you hire to do it. For example, you might get a different quote from a service if you are a business client than if you are an individual. We’ll talk about all the factors that can impact auto transporting quotes in a minute. There are two main reasons for fluctuation in shipping quotes. One is that vehicle shipping is a competitive business, so quotes can change depending on the bids of different vehicle shipping services. Another major reason shipping quotes for vehicles can fluctuate is a factor like the size of your automobile. You might also be charged more if you’re transporting your vehicle in a busy season or to a difficult location.

Shipping a car during the winter season

Undeniably, car shipping can be less expensive in the fall and winter when the demand is lower. As businesses are competing to fill their trucks, car shipping prices are getting decreased. One big drawback of shipping your vehicle in the winter is that bad weather slows down traffic. Slippery roads require maximum attention and caution. Truck drivers need to be extra careful with their speed to avoid possible accidents. Generally, shipping a car takes more time during winter, as when roads get closed, particularly in the northern states, drivers need to take longer routes to reach their destinations.

Car shipment timing 

The season can also influence shipping quote vehicle. If you can be flexible, tell it to your auto shipping service. While you are at it, ask them if they have any other suggestions about how to get the best price for your situation. The car shipping industry is busiest when people are moving or travelling. Snowbirds, who rely a lot on auto shipping services, want to send their vehicles back home as spring approaches. Summer tends to be the peak season, since children are out of school. Naturally, people will try to transport prior to the next school year. June and July are popular months for vacations as well. As you can guess, moving your vehicle in summer is going to be more expensive. Keeping in mind how weather affects the safety and shipping car rate may be helpful. Any type of inclement weather or harsh storm makes it difficult for the driver. Seasons, therefore, are an important factor to consider, especially if you have a high-end car.

Delivery time frame flexibility 

carThe more flexible you are with the dates of delivery, the lower the auto shipping prices. A reliable car shipping service will provide a lot of different options for moving your automobile. So, the best thing you can do is to book the service a couple of weeks prior to when you need it. Moving your vehicle on short notice will give you fewer options and be more expensive because of convenience prices.

Open car transport

Moving your car can be expensive. So, let’s look at the difference between two of the most popular options that affect the shipping vehicle quotes. You should select between the open auto transport and enclosed auto transport. Open transport is cheaper. It doesn’t always require a large car carrier to move your automobile. Enclosed transport provides more protection for your vehicle. Though it is also more expensive. Open car carrier is popular, but it may have its drawbacks. This method of shipment exposes automobiles to the elements and bad weather. Additionally, other autos travelling with your car on an open hauler may be making a mess of it. Open haulers also carry up to six other vehicles with your car.

Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed car carriers are more expensive than open haulers. Enclosed auto transport shields your car from different elements. Enclosed transport is best for high-end and very expensive cars because it maintains your precious automobile’s value and protects it from the harsh weather.

Vehicle weight and dimensions

The size and weight of your automobile also influence the final vehicle shipping quote. Moving a heavy truck or any larger car will require more effort and safety measures compared to smaller vehicles. Even the type of the car and its condition impacts the auto shipping rates. Any modification made to your car can change its size and weight. You should also check whether your car is operable or not. It can also impact the way it can be loaded for transporting. Discuss the condition of your vehicle with your auto shipping service before you ask for an estimate.

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