Non broker auto transporters

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Non broker auto transport

In many cases there is no chance to avoid the usage of the transportation services to move your car or another vehicle from one location to another. Within the companies on the modern market, you can find many third-parties as well as non-broker auto transporters. You can easily check the real legal position of them on the official website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Here we will put your attention to both of the variants and their main advantages and disadvantages.

Working with a “middleman”

This is how normally people consider a broker company. Basically, it’s a possibility to find all different options in one place so you will not need to spend a lot of time and effort on visiting websites and offices of numerous auto transport no brokers.

Besides that, we can name the following main pros of the transportation brokers:

  • Flexibility. Access to various transporters across the country allows the broker to much easier and faster find for you an appropriate option for your car’s delivery. There are so many routes – much more than one particular company can provide you. Plus, you as a client will have more options in regards to the pick-up date so basically the whole transportation process will take less time than if you need to wait for the carrier to find other customers for the same direction;
  • Easy to use. When you open any transportation broker’s website, you can just insert the information about your car’s parameters and the locations you are interested in as well as the method of the delivery. That’s all. After this, the carrier will look through all its network and will provide you with the best option. In some cases, you may also require a variation of the offers to choose from (especially if you are interested in some additional services). If you compare this procedure with the carriers themselves, all of it you will need to repeat on every non-broker auto transport website, which will definitely not be that easy and time-saving.

Reliable brokers carefully check all the licenses, ratings and reputation of the carrier before adding it to the list and starting to work with it. But you need to find this truly reliable and experienced auto broker. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to become a victim of unfair companies which at least may cause you additional expenses (for example, for some hidden services). Luckily, you can easily find trustworthy famous brokers like Montway Auto Transport, Easy Auto Ship and many others.

J&S Transportation Auto Transport Broker and Carrier

Direct auto transport with no broker

It can be not so easy to find a real auto transport without a broker as many experienced transportation carriers already have their own database of the permanent clients so there is no need to spend money for the additional advertisement. That is why when you are googling car’s transportation in the United States, most of the results will be provided by the brokers.

It may be worth to look for a particular transporter as you can get the following advantages:

  • Direct contact with the performer of the transportation service is always much more efficient as you can discuss everything in the shortest period of time and can be sure there is no misunderstanding that can easily be found in case of the third-party involved. Also, in case of some problems (for example, with the insurance or in case of too essential delay) you will have only one company to deal with and will not need to figure out whose fault it is;
  • The price you will get from the auto transport company and no brokers can be essentially lower than you have from the middlemen. It's obvious that the auto transport brokers are not doing their job for free. The broker’s fee which is included in the price you pay for the transportation of your car when dealing with the third party is ranging between 50 dollars up to 300 dollars, depending on the value of the car to be delivered. That is why the broker will never provide you with the details about the particular carrier unless it’s not at your door to pick up the car – so you will not go directly to the carrier.

In both cases, with a broker or no broker auto transport service, you need to check the reviews from the recent customers. It will show you the level of the reliability you can expect from the particular transportation company you are choosing as well as all the advantages and disadvantages. Such reviews from real customers like you are a very useful tool and provide you with many more details than just a company’s website.

Before signing a contract with the carrier (when you are dealing with the broker, the final contact still will be signed between you and the carrier itself), it's your responsibility to check all the details, especially in regards to the insurance policy. Normally, some basic insurance is already included into the quote, but the conditions can vary from carrier to carrier.

You also need to know that in some cases you can meet a mix of carrier and broker, when the company has its own fleet of trucks to perform the delivery service while if the route of the potential client is more complex, such a company also has its network of other carriers to perform this task. J&S Transportation is one of the examples.

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