All the specific features of prison transport vehicle

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All the specific features of Prisoner transport vehicles

Prisoner transport vehicles a priori should have the highest level of security to perform their main duties – to deliver the prisoners from one safe place to another without any risk or chances for them to escape. This requirement automatically makes the protection and safety measures an essential part of the whole vehicle and its equipment.

Here we will consider the main features of any prison transport vehicle. Ordinary people may not be interested in this sort of information but it can be an essential part of the transportation business.

Main equipment

Despite the fact the prison transport vehicle manufacturers still have a high priority of making the car operable in various conditions, driving itself is not a big issue here. Of course, you still want the car running with no serious breakages and damages as there is nothing worse than to be stuck with dangerous prisoners in some uninhabited district for the unknown period of time. That is why it’s always recommended to give priority to the most reliable and trustworthy producers of the cars and vans.

But here we will talk about more special features of a typical prisoner transport vehicle. Obviously, the windows are one of the most fragile parts of the car, especially for the persons who are willing to escape. That is why the wires and bars on the windows is a must for any vehicle that transports prisoners in the United States. And these bars should be firm enough to avoid the possibility of taking them out. The glass itself must be bulletproof as there is also a possibility for the intervention in the transportation process from outside.

The prison transport vehicles in the US traditionally consist of two parts. In the first one, located at the back side of the truck is a part for prisoners. It should be made of the most reliable materials and include various constructions for making the prisoners feel pretty comfortable but still not providing them any chance for the escape. Handcuffs are definitely not everything you may need to make the prisoners sit quiet and calm, so veracious trucks and vans have their own equipment for this purpose. Another part of the vehicle is for the escort and the drivers. Thus, they have to be separated from the prisoners both for the security and control measures. Here less firm and expensive materials are allowed as there is no need for the additional strengthening.

 Prisoner Transport Buses

TPSV panels

Originally, these laminated panels from the light materials were used in various spheres (for motorhomes, standard vans and trucks) but today their usage for the prison transport vehicles is becoming more and more popular.

Here are the main reasons for their popularity:

  • Water and chemical resistance. There is no water absorption at all, the material of the panel is just floating on waters. In regards to the chemicals, no oil or gasoline will be able to damage the structure of the panel unless there are some complex and expensive technologies used. Normally, this exception is not very crucial as prisoners will not have anything that can significantly affect the TPSV;
  • Flammability. The materials which the panels are made of pass very serious exams and tests before being implemented into prisoner trucks and other constructions. You can be sure that these panels are produced according to all the standards and international regulations;
  • Anticut protection. TPSVs are protected and can resist to various ways of intervention like sledge hammers, jig saws, cutting machines and others;
  • Armoring. Despite the light materials that were used for the TPSV panels, they are firm enough to stop such bullets as the AK-47 which is a very impressive characteristic of the truck for prisoners. You never know what (or who) can try to stop the vehicle on its way to another prison or court. There is also some interesting tip – for even a higher level of the protection the TPSV panels can be used together with the ceramic strike face;
  • Tracking option. This is extremely important when we are talking about the prisoner vehicles. Government representatives should be able to check the particular location of the truck at any period of time to be able to react in time to any unplanned and unexpected changes in the route or some unnecessary stops. The process of the transportation of prisoners across the country can be very unpredictable, and there should be an opportunity to have at least a small leverage. This system is pretty easy to use – the only thing you will need is the access to the Internet and an appropriate application for the computer or the mobile phone;
  • Security adjustments. There is a specific control management system that is already included into the TPSV panels. Here we are talking about Finger Scanner, for example, which is definitely a great way to provide a higher level of security. In regards to the emergency cases which are rare but can be very dangerous, considering the type of the persons to be transported with the prisoner vehicle, an Emergency Stop system will allow them to take control over the vehicle driving operations. The software in this case is a very essential part of the scheme, and dealing with the reliable supplier of the TPSV panels, you can be assured that the software is secure and cannot be hacked easily.

Considering the importance of truly reliable equipment for the prisoner vehicles in the United States, it’s highly recommended to deal only with those providers that have enough experience in providing a really secure transportation vehicle. Beside that, you need to carefully check the guarantee and insurance policies. In this particular case it’s not enough the producer or manufacturer is able to replace some detail for free – you need to make sure it really guarantees that all the most essential parts of the security system will work in any situation within various conditions.

In the modern changeable world, it is very important to check any new innovations and inventions to make sure your business is keeping up with the times. Especially in regards to the security systems of the prisoner vehicles. 

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