Using an enclosed car transportation

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Using an enclosed car transportation

If you have ever dealt with car transportation companies, you’ve definitely heard about the delivery of a car with enclosed transport. This option is becoming more and more popular among the customers, and here we will figure out why.


First of all, we need to underline why you need to know about car transportation itself and enclosed car shipping particularly. Probably you have not yet faced the necessity of moving your car to a remote destination but you will definitely do in case of moving to a new house, for example. Additionally, in most cases it can be much cheaper to buy a car online and not from the near car showroom and to arrange its delivery. That’s when you will need to find a reliable transportation company.

There are two common ways to make your vehicle transported:

  • Open transportation, when cars are just hooked and fixed on the flat platform, sometimes within a few tiers. This is a more cheap and common way of transportation and probably you have seen such a construction on the highways;
  • Using an enclosed auto transport. Here your vehicle is placed in a covered car transport with a couple of others (maximum capacity is 7 cars). Here you may be sure that it will be secured and protected from bad weather conditions (like burning sun, heavy rain, snowfall) as well as birds and insects on the way. Considering such a careful service it’s not surprising that the price for enclosed car transportation services is significantly higher.

Normally, you may see on the carrier’s website two different types of quotas, and the enclosed method is a way more expensive. The difference can reach 300-500 dollars depending on other factors like a car size and a distance. If we talk about the average cost for an enclosed transport for your car, nowadays it’s about 929 USD.

enclosed car transport

Advantages and disadvantages of the enclosed car transport

Obviously, the main cons in regards to the enclosed shipping of a car is a price. Usually, the necessity of moving a car to another destination already means some great expenses (buying a new house or a car, for example). So most people just cannot afford to spend an additional couple hundred of dollars for this private service. So, it must be reasonable to choose for your auto an enclosed transport.

To make it clearer we need to have a deeper look on the advantages of this specific delivery service:

  1. Theft protection. Despite the theft is not a common issue in regards to trustworthy transportation company, it’s still a bit risky when your car is kept visible for other people, especially if it will take a few days to be delivered and, therefore, requires night stops;
  2. Keeping your car clean. With an enclosed vehicle transport you may be sure that your car will be delivered undamaged. When we speak about insurance, in most cases it covers visible damage caused during the transportation. For example, if the car was hooked inappropriately and its movements led to scratches and dents. But it will not cover the consequences of unexpected weather changes or massive attacks of flies on your windows. Moreover, with dirt and dust it will be much more difficult to recognize possible damages on the surfaces;
  3. Tailored service. Considering a limited number of cars in an enclosed transport it’s the best option for owners of expensive and rare cars. Therefore, you may be assured that the driver and the company itself will take good care of it through the whole delivery process. Normally, it’s recommended to use unclosed service with a car’s cost of 50,000 USD and more;
  4. Using an enclosed method is the only option for transportation of cars with low ground clearance. It’s caused by the way of lifting, and only an enclosed transport can provide you with hydraulic gates.

It’s essential to choose a really secure and trusty carrier. Thus, the transportation broker Montway is a great example of a modern enclosed auto transport company. Among the greatest benefits of dealing with it we may mention a lot of various routes across the country, experienced drivers and haulers, adequate insurance policy and many satisfied clients.

Additionally, most carriers provide you both with open and enclosed types of transportation. You just need to find a trustworthy one. And the best way to do so is to check reviews and compare prices and conditions of several companies.

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