Standard shipping vehicle quotes

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Standard shipping vehicle quote

When we are considering a delivery of the car from one state to another or just within a pretty long distance, a vehicle shipping quote is definitely one of the most influential parameters for making a choice. Usually, there are some reasons for applying for this service, and as the practice shows, an overwhelming majority of them are already dealt with huge expenses (moving to a new house, ordering and purchasing a car etc.). Here we will consider how you can get a shipping quote for a vehicle as well as the possible ways to make it lower.

Resources of the information

Nowadays you don’t need to visit various offices and companies to get information in regards to the quotes on shipping a vehicle. Additionally, you don’t need to spend hours on the phone for the same purpose.

Online calculator is a great tool which is provided by almost every transportation company in the USA. It’s located on the companies’ websites and is very easy to use.

You just need to insert some basic information which includes:

  • Make, model and year of your vehicle to be shipped. Every car has different parameters like the weight and the height which are very important in regards to the shipping vehicle quotes. Regardless which type of the truck you will choose, all of them have a capacity, and if your car’s parameters will not allow the carrier to place one more additional vehicle, your price will go up to compensate for losses. Sometimes instead of putting a particular model of the vehicle you will be requested only to choose the type of the car (sedan minivan, SUV, motorcycle etc.);
  • ZIP or the cities’ names. You don’t need to give the detailed address on this step which provides anonymity and safety. On the other hand, this basic information will help to count an approximate cost for the appropriate mileage;
  • Type of the transport. This is one of the basic points for most of the carriers. In case there is no graduation for the type of the truck which will be used, a shipping quote for your vehicle will be by default for the open transportation. The main difference between these two types of the truck is that an enclosed one will provide you with full protection and security, but the price for such an exclusive service is normally 40-60 percent higher;
  • Pick up date. If you don’t know the particular date, you can choose a period (if applicable in regards to the particular online-calculator). For example, as soon as possible or within a week. Normally, the sooner the date, the less flexible the price will be.

Of course, it’s just basic information. Sometimes you will need to provide your email address to get an email with shipping quotes for vehicles. You need to remember that such quotes are not the final one and only after you discuss all the details with the representative or the agent, you will get a final price (which is normally slightly higher than the preliminary one).

Factors of the price

You can try to cut the price with the assistance of an online-consultant or by contacting the company directly. For example, there can be pretty significant differences in quotes depending on the months. Usually, the cheapest time for arranging a car’s transportation is February, March, April, October and November. And if you can afford to make it happen this time, you can save up to 300 USD for the same route and other details. On the other side, summertime as well as holidays almost in every case will lead to additional surcharges to the price.

car transport quote

In regards to the delivery, most probably you will be provided at least with a couple of choices. Economy delivery may take a little bit longer but it’s the cheapest option possible. Any expedited service will cost you more.

If you have an inoperable car and are planning to fix it, it’s highly recommended to do it before the delivery. The carrier will need additional labor and time for loading inoperable cars on the truck which can become pretty costly.

Transportation quotes can significantly vary from company to company. You will need to spend some time for the investigation to make sure the price you get is fair. Too low quotes are also pretty suspicious and may be caused by poor service and bad conditions of the delivery.

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