Hiring the best auto transport shipping company

8 things to know before hiring the best auto transport shipping company

While looking for the best auto shipping transport, there can be lots of questions running through your mind. A big number of car shipping services to choose from make this daunting task even more challenging. There are a lot of “ifs” and “buts” related to the credibility of the prospective car shippers. However, if you know how to choose the best car shipping service, it can save you from undue stress. So, here are several tips you need to consider while looking for the best car shipping service.

When it comes to hiring the best auto transport company, market research plays a crucial role. At our company, we specialize in conducting thorough markets research to identify top-notch service providers. Our comprehensive research approach includes analyzing industry trends, customer feedback, pricing structures, and service quality. We leave no stone unturned in researching markets to ensure we recommend the most reputable and reliable auto transport companies. With our expertise, you can trust that you'll make an informed decision, selecting a company that offers exceptional services, competitive rates, and a stellar track record. Save yourself the hassle and rely on our market research expertise to hire the best auto transport company for your needs.

How much does it cost to transport an auto?

There are several factors that can influence car shipping costs. The first factor is the vehicle's weight and size. Bigger and heavier car vehicles are much more expensive to move than smaller and lighter ones. The next factor is the season. Transporting an automobile during the summer season can bump up your cost by hundreds. Because summer is the peak season for shipping cars. Holiday shipping can increase prices as well. Miles is another factor that can influence the cat shipping prices. Longer trips are much more expensive than shorter ones. However, they can cost less per mile. By the way, shipping cars between large cities can cost less than shipping them between remote towns. Fees also impact the prices. Surcharges can be added for fuel, additional insurance coverage, extra storage, or rushed failed delivery. Drop-off and pickup options are the last factors that impacts the final costs. The door-to-door option is much more expensive than the terminal-to-terminal option.

Choose your mode of transport

Auto shipping services offer different modes of transport. And some car shipping companies have more services on their list than others. Make sure on which mode of transport you need to ship your automobile. And then start your research for the car shipping services that offer it. Consider the time frame, weather, budget, or other essential requirements for the car you need to ship. If the car carrier you hire offers terminal-to-terminal service, you need to find another car shipping company to transport autos to the new address.

Choose between open and enclosed car transport

Open transport systems carry vehicles on trucks or trailers. One benefit of using an open carrier system is you can get more cars moved to their destination at once. Though it’s time-savvy and cheaper, it may expose the vehicles to harsh elements, including rain, snow, dust, hail, etc. An enclosed transporter autos system offers great protection as it uses enclosed trucks to move cars. However, it’s a bit expensive and provides transport for a limited number of vehicles.

Compare the auto transport pricing

Once you’ve read the reviews and found one or two reliable car carriers, contact them and fill out a form on their website to get auto transport pricing. Larger shipping companies cost more than the smaller ones. Short trips will cost you less than moving your vehicle from one state to another. If there is an urgency to get your vehicle transported as soon as possible, you’ll have to pay some extra money. Remember, no auto transport team will ask you for money to get a quote. In case, the carrier asks you to do so, move on.

You should also ask an auto transport group what’s all included in the quote you receive. Does it include fees or insurance? Is the price guaranteed or could it change? Experts say it’s never wise to hire a company based exclusively on pricing. Never shop on price. Shop on reputation. More often than not, you get what you pay for. Transportation companies that charge less could have less customer-friendly insurance policies and older, less-versatile equipment with less-experienced drivers. And book in advance, if possible, especially during peak-summer moving season. By the way, coast-to-coast moves typically take seven to 10 days, for example, while Midwest to either coast is around five to seven days.

Check the reviews

Car ShippingDoing a quick Google search and asking around for car shipping experiences helps you know the company better. A good transport company is present on a couple of major review websites. Read the reviews online, while paying attention to the details. Beware of the companies without any reviews from the customers or the ones with so many negative reviews. Also, look at the average ratings of the reviews. 

Ask about the insurance coverage policies

The prospective car shipping company must carry insurance. Good carriers provide this information on their website or brochures. Your standard auto insurance probably won’t cover shipping your car across the country, so make sure your shipping company has adequate insurance coverage. Before you sign up for the service, ask about the liability information and insurance coverage. Ask for a copy of the carrier's insurance. Some have it available right on their website. Find out exactly what level of coverage your vehicle will have while it’s being shipped. If you don’t think it’s enough, ask about increasing the coverage.

Prepare the car before transportation

To get the vehicle ready, make sure it’s in good mechanical shape. Start by removing all your personal possessions from the interior and trunk, and use up most of your gasoline so that your car ships with only about a quarter tank. This reduces total shipping weight but still leaves you enough gas to get around safely after shipping. You’ll also want to make sure you have an extra set of keys for the transport driver. For maximum protection from the elements, consider having your car washed and waxed shortly before its journey. A fresh coat of wax helps repel any water, insects and debris your car may come into contact with during transport. It’s also smart to take photos of your car as visual proof of its condition. Take photos and note any existing damage. Your vehicle will be inspected at pickup and delivery, so you want to be prepared.

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