Auto transporter trailers for sale

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Auto transport trailers for sale

Traditionally, when car’s owners are facing the necessity of moving their vehicle from one state to another, regardless of the particular distance, there are a lot of cases when they are choosing a professional transportation company to arrange all the process. Indeed, it’s much more efficient to place the car onto the platform (in case of the open delivery) or inside the trailer (for the enclosed transportation) and not put all the miles onto the car’s mileage.

But if you as a cars’ owner are planning to transport your vehicles from place to place on quite a regular basis, it can make sense to look for an auto transport trailer on sales which you can purchase and, therefore, save money for the professional delivery service.

Here we will consider the most common ways to find a good deal in regards to the auto transport trailers on sale which can be applicable both for the individuals and for the transportations company’s managers.


First of all, you will need to figure out which particular auto transporter trailer for sale you are interested in. There are plenty of them, and a price is far not the only main difference you can meet.

Depending on the number of the cars you are willing to deal with, you can look for a compact trailer or for a two-deck platform.

In regards to the decks themselves, nowadays you can meet a few main options:

  • Wooden decks, which are more familiar for many drivers and have a lower price. But they are not very practical in usage, especially in rainy climates. Plus, it will be quite challenging to clean them;
  • The next possible option is a metal material – it’s firmer and more stable but more expensive;
  • Finally, as the most convenient type of the trailers’ decks we can name the aluminum ones – the lightest construction which fits for any kind of the transportation.

There are some other additional details you may need to consider. For example, the more and more popular option is a special fold-down rear door which basically has even two benefits. The first one is more obvious – to make the process of loading and unloading the car much easier while it’s acting as a ramp. Secondly, with this rear door you can be sure the back side of the trailer has an additional protection. Of course, accidents on the road are not considered too seriously when you are looking at the configuration of the auto transport trailers for sale, but it’s always better to have some extra security, both for you as a driver and for your car.

Here are some main online resources where you can find information about the main offers of any auto transport trailer for sale. Beside that, you can also find some local markets.

Car transport trailers

Online deal

It’s one of the most effective, fast and easy ways to find what you need. Today you can visit any of the various online platforms of different offers from the sellers across the country. Using the special filters will allow you to narrow the results on the screen and, therefore, you can spend less time for the research.

It’s recommended to use more technical criteria and not the brand or the make. Otherwise, you can miss some great opportunities as there are much more interesting producers of the transport trailers than just typical Iveco, Saris, Blyss, Humbaur, Brenderup and others. In total, we can talk about dozens of brands, and you will be surprised with the quality and functionality of their production.

Under technical characteristics in this case, we mean gross weight and height, number of axles, type of suspension, wheelbase, cargo space length, height and width, maximum payload and many others which are important for you and for the delivery process.

As soon as you have some offers according to your research criteria, you can consider each of them more attentively. The first thing you need to look at is the pictures. The more the better, and if there is some additional requirement you have, you can always ask the seller to provide you with the particular view. This point is especially essential if you are planning to order the delivery of the auto transport trailer after the sale is closed.

You should also check if the trailer is in good conditions or there are some damages. This will help you to compare the price of the deal and the real value of the vehicle you are going to purchase. Moreover, that is how you will guarantee your protection as a buyer.

The location of the seller can be also very essential. If it’s too far, you need to discuss with the seller the possibility of the delivery, otherwise the total cost of the purchase can rise significantly. On the other side, you should better not put the particular location in the search criteria as, again, it will essentially narrow the offers in the results.

For the clients’ convenience, many modern online platforms provide you with not only the basic information from the seller but also with some analytical research. Thus, you can see there if the price of the deal is comparable to the average market price or it’s too high. Of course, every particular case is very unique and, for example, a higher price may be caused by some adjustments and improvements done by the previous car transport trailer’s owner.


If you have ever attended any auction, you will have an idea of how it may work within the transportation industry. The seller is placing a very starting price for the vehicle he is ready to sell, and it’s the buyers who decide how much this trailer cost in reality. Betting, they are raising the original price, and the last one who will offer the highest price nobody else is going to overlap will actually get the transport trailer.

The main distinguishing feature of the vehicles that are presented on such auctions is their pretty low quality. Of course, there are some exceptions, but in many cases, you will attend the auction for the transportation trailer, you will see the starting price of just a couple of hundreds of dollars which is definitely too low in comparison with any other used vehicle on online sale.

You should not consider only the price, whatever place and way of the purchase you are choosing. For example, high mileage number is not a good criterion for the transport trailer to buy even if the price is relatively attractive. To make a really advantageous deal, you need to look into the future – how many years you are planning to use the car transportation trailer and, therefore, if it will be able to serve you for that long considering its current condition.

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