Shipping company for vehicles in the USA

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Vehicle shipping companys in the USA

Ratings of the vehicle shipping company and its reviews are directly linked. That is how you can find a great number of ratings during the years when one company is on top in one month and is not doing so well in another.

But there are some transportation carriers and brokers which are always among the best. And here will check every particular vehicle shipping company’s features and main advantages for the clients.

Easy Auto Ship

In many cases it can be considered as the best vehicle shipping company overall. You can find here a great combination of perfect customer service, adequate prices and full variety of the transportation services you as a car’s owner might be interested in. Thus, the difference in prices with the overwhelming majority of the competitors can be up to 10 percent. And if we are talking about more personalized and, therefore, more expensive enclosed delivery of the car, with Easy Auto Ship you can easily expect to pay up to 400-500 dollars less (in case of the long-distance trips).

There is a very tiny reason for such an amazing service provided – this transportation company is pretty new on the market and just has to attract more new clients. But you can be assured that even while the volume of the orders nowadays is much higher in comparison with the first years of the existence, this vehicle shipping company still can be proud of its reputation and various positive reviews from satisfied clients.

Beside that, you can expect to get an extra-damage coverage when dealing with this transporter. Basically, Easy Auto Ship is not a carrier itself but it’s working with reliable and experienced carriers. Thus, you will get a double insurance – from the particular carrier and from the transport broker. The last one will provide you with 100,000 dollars coverage which is more than enough for most traditional vehicles.

Sherpa Auto Transport

This is basically the cheapest vehicle shipping company you can find. At least if to consider the overall experience. The issue here is that in the transportation industry the original quote you are supposed (and willing) to pay can be changed while the transport broker is looking for the carrier who will agree with your offer. If nobody will want to transport your vehicle for this price, you will be advised to raise the quote. And that will happen unless the broker will make a deal with some carrier. But Sherpa Auto Transport will literally guarantee you that it will find an appropriate company for shipping vehicle exactly for this original price. There is a coverage of difference up to 300 dollars, so in case the real price will be slightly higher, the difference will go to the broker’s side. So basically, from the first side the prices offered by this company can look slightly higher than of competitors, but this is a fair price for the confirmed quote.

Beside this amazing key feature, you can enjoy many other benefits. Thus, only this (and probably, just a few others) vehicle shipping company in the USA can offer you a complimentary wash upon the car’s delivery. This is especially important in case of the open method of the transportation when every car’s owner is interested in checking the condition of the car. With clean surfaces it will be much easier to arrange.

It’s not surprising that with such an individual approach, this transportation company has a really high rate and a great number of positive feedbacks from the recent clients. So, you definitely should check it out.

 Auto Shipping

Montway Auto Transport

It can be surprising, but some states still suffer from the lack of the transportation services. Particularly, it’s Hawaii and Alaska. With Montway Auto Transport shipping company for vehicles you can be sure that your car will be delivered to whatever location you choose.

Beside that, you will get a guaranteed pick-up date which is very important if you need to plan the transportation. For example, in case of moving to a new house, even a few days delay can lead to a high level of uncertainty and can literally spoil all your plans.

The website of this company also deserves your attention. In comparison with many other transportation brokers, here you can use online chat with a real person and not with a bot. This will allow you to get the most accurate information about everything you are interested in, starting from the insurance policy and ending with the possibility of some additional services you are looking for. Therefore, the whole process of the arrangement and performing the delivery will go as smoothly as possible.

Unfortunately, within this transportation company you so far cannot get a GPS tracking to check where your car is at the moment but considering a wide network of the trustworthy carriers across the whole country, you should not pay too much attention to this small disadvantage.


The preliminary quote you are receiving with the special online calculator on the website of this transportation broker most probably will differ from the final price you will be supposed to pay. And in case of AmeriFreight, the difference is definitely attractive for the car’s owners.

There are a lot of various discounts this company is willing to provide to its clients. Beside the more traditional discounts for the military, seniors, students, here you can find special offers for those who are applying for the transportation service in advance as well as for those who are purchasing his or her first car and need to deliver it from the auto dealer’s salon. The sum of the discounts can be up to 70 dollars which is definitely a good point, especially while the original quotes of this company are pretty much average.

This broker also provides a very unique gap coverage: if for some reason the carrier will refuse to pay for some possible damage, you will get a coverage up to 100 dollars from AmeriFreight directly.

Ship a Car Direct

Insurance is one of the most important and essential parts of the deal in case of the car’s transportation. In case of brokers, more typically you should expect to get the insurance from the direct carrier. In case of Ship a Car Direct, you can expect to have an extra protection from the broker’s side. Meaning, if the carrier’s insurance will not cover some particular case, you can get 500 dollars of the additional coverage from your transportation middleman. Of course, this sum cannot replace the whole insurance (which is traditionally starting from 75,000 dollars), but in some particular cases this amount can cover the expenses you would prefer not to have.

It’s not surprising that every time this transport broker is getting more and more positive feedbacks from the clients regardless of the particular carrier that actually performed the delivery service. Obviously, these carriers are very carefully checked by the management to make sure they are fitting the broker’s policy.

As we can see, the process of choosing a transporter for your valuable car should not include only googling “vehicle shipping company near me”. You need to make sure you can trust the carrier as in many cases the car is one of the most expensive and important investments of the person or family.

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