Effective and cheap cars shipping

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Effective and cheap auto shipping

If you google “How much is an auto shipping quote?”, you can get a result of 700-1,200 USD. But these numbers mean nothing without details of your car and the delivery you are requiring. Here we will disclose the most important but still easy to understand information.

Factors of the price

Obviously, there are a huge number of factors that influence the shipping auto quotes. Here we will pay attention to the most important and common ones but you can always check additional details with the transportation company you will choose.

  1. The size and the weight of the vehicle you need to deliver. When you see a price for some particular distance, you need to take into consideration that in this case they consider a standard car. Therefore, if for a 3,000-pound car you can expect to pay 0,57 USD per mile, a more massive SUV with its 4,300-pound weight will already take 0,87 USD. Moreover, even if you have a compact model of the car but it was improved or adjusted, you will need to inform the carrier about this. In some cases, especially if there is a strict limitation in regards to the total weight of the truck, some additional pounds of your car can lead to impossibility to add an additional car for the transportation and therefore you will pay more as a compensation. And sometimes it can even double the original price.
  2. Distance. When we are talking about the long-distance trips, shipping quotes of auto will additionally include payment for the lodgings of the driver for the night, some necessary fees for leaving or entering the state in case of the trip across the country and others. Moreover, you need to consider the original and final destinations themselves. Thus, if they are located in the countryside, far away from the main routes, you will need to pay for additional loops the driver will need to make.
  3. Seasonality. Transportation industry as well as most of others has its own high and low seasons. Shipping your auto in summertime will definitely cost you about 200-300 dollars more, while in winter because of the low season you will need to wait a little bit more for your car to be delivered. Some regions and directions meanwhile have their own, additional seasons. For example, for the North states there is a tendency of a high demand for the trips to the South in autumn and in the opposite direction in spring. Knowing these details will help you to save additional hundreds of dollars which is always helpful.
  4. Type of the transporter. An open transport is very cheap and popular among traditional American drivers. On the other hand, if you own a luxury and valuable car it will make sense to apply for an enclosed transporter when your vehicle will be placed inside the trailer and, therefore, fully protected. Such an exclusive service of shipping an auto will cost you additional 50-60 percent to the open transport quota but for those who possess sports and classic cars this is normally not a problem. Moreover, some of them prefer to order a specific liftgate elevator to load the car on the truck in the most careful way which is also considered as an additional personalized service.
  5. Insurance. Despite the fact that nowadays in most cases the basic insurance is already included in the auto shipping quotes, you should consider all the details on the contract. First of all, we are talking about the coverage it provides. As a standard, it should be not less than 75,000 USD while a lot of famous auto shipping companies provide 100,000-worth insurance coverage. Another important detail is which cases it covers. Road accidents are very rare when we are talking about a professional auto shipping company, but you need to check that all possible issues are considered by the insurance. For example, some scratches and dents caused by random stones on the way. Or a broken window because of the unlucky bird. If you are not sure that the insurance fits your requirements as well as the total value of the car (especially in regards to the sports and exotic cars) you can always apply for additional insurance. Moreover, some companies have an option of the extended insurance among their additional services so you don’t even need to look for a company on the side.
  6. Period of the delivery. Here we need to underline that typically the shipping autos’ process will take about 10-12 days but it totally depends on every particular situation. You need to remember that even if you can physically cover the distance required in 1-2 days, there is a long process of scheduling different orders to make the whole delivery process more effective and practical both for the customers and the carrier. On the other hand, if time is the most essential issue for you, today you can always apply for an express delivery. In some cases, it’s possible to arrange even within 24 hours which can be crucial for those whose daily lives fully depend on the car’s driving.

car in container

Before choosing a particular transportation company you can also check the shipping quote for your auto in regards to different ways of the delivery. Trucks are not always the cheapest and the best way as there are also planes, trains and ships. Sometimes the particular destinations can be easier and faster to reach by airplanes and the difference is not as crucial as you might expect.

Checking the reviews and the overall reputation of the carrier will help you to make the choice of the reliable company which will take care of your vehicle.

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