Taking advantage of a door-to-door car service

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Taking advantage of a door-to-door car service

There are a few methods of car transportation, and one of the most convenient and reliable is a door-to-door car delivery. This service is suitable for busy people who got used to getting maximum comfort from any deal.

Car Door to Door

Specialty of the service

As we can see from the title, a door-to-door transportation involves delivering the car from the spot where it is at the moment to the requested location you need. It may be your home, office, storage or just a particular place in the street. When you order such door-to-door auto shipping, you may be sure that the transportation company will do its best to fulfill all your requirements.

To compare, there is also such a type of transport service called terminal-to-terminal. Here the driver will pick up your vehicle from one company’s terminal to another one, and your task is to arrange a timely drop off and pick up in the requested spot. In some cases, such a procedure makes sense. For example, if the destination point is quite remote and the carrier asks for a significant additional payment in this regard. Or when you are in a hurry and cannot afford to wait for a few days more while the company will arrange the final step of the delivery process.

Anyway, whichever method you choose, most of the current transportation companies are providing both of these variants. Considering a cheap door-to-door car transport, the most common examples nowadays are Montway, American Auto Shipping, Mercury Auto Transport and some others. The only thing you always need to take into consideration while making a deal is to confirm the final price to avoid extra fees for difficult parking or other circumstances. Some companies are also providing the service of the locked-in prices which are fully guaranteed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Obviously, there are always two sides of the same coin. Among the biggest disadvantages of a door-to-door transport is a price. Sometimes it can be much more practical and efficient to arrange a terminal-to-terminal service and to spend a few hours driving by yourself in comparison with a great surcharge in regards to some specific destinations. We recommend checking the location of the company’s terminals to make a most appropriate decision.

Also, the driver may face too narrow roads on the way to the final destination, especially if we are talking about a huge flatbed truck used for open transportation which needs to deliver your car to a residence backyard. Therefore, when requesting an auto transport for door-to-door service, you always need to check if this service is possible to execute with a probably massive carrier. It’s recommended to discuss possible options with the transportation company itself to find a better solution.

What concerns benefits, they are quite obvious even if you have never used the door-to-door transport services before:

  • Reliability. Ordering such a delivery, you may be assured that the driver and the company itself are fully in charge of the whole process. Before making a contract, you just need to carefully look through all the details in regards to the insurance policy. In case of big national carriers, you can be more convinced than of new players in this industry;
  • Saving time and energy. You can just calmly wait until the door-to-door auto transport will deliver your vehicle while being concentrated on your business or any other concerns. It’s indeed worth it if the transportation itself is caused by moving to a new house and work relocation.

A car’s delivery which is fully done by a professional is a great chance to enjoy a tailored service for an adequate price. Luckily, today transportation routes are covering all the states, including remote ones (like Alaska, for example).

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