Doing research when choosing auto car transporters

Doing Research When Choosing Auto Car Transport

What should you start with when you need to find a reliable auto car transporter? The answer is logical and simple - you should start by doing some research about auto car hauling transport, its peculiarities, and specifics.

We have prepared a step-by-step guideline for you, in order to simplify the whole process. Read on and just follow the tips below.

Check auto car transport reviews

Auto car transport reviews are perhaps one of the best resources for learning information about the shipping company and the quality of the service it provides. Visit Google Reviews, and Transport Reviews, and don’t forget to check the company’s ratings on Better Business Bureau. You should also pay special attention to negative reviews and complaints. It’s important to understand how the transporter responds to negative feedback. 

If you come across an auto transport car carrier that doesn’t have a single negative review, it’s a point to cause suspicion. Perhaps, the company is deliberately removing negative reviews in order to create the appearance of an ideal reputation and gain the trust of potential customers. 

Remember that it is impossible to always please everyone, for sure there will be someone who will remain dissatisfied with the services provided. However, if you see plenty of complaints about high pricing policy, untimely delivery, or insufficient insurance coverage, be aware of the company.

Verify the auto car transporter registration number and license 

All auto car transporters in the USA should be registered and licensed in accordance with the legislation. When you see a company that is okay for you in terms of budget and service, ask them to provide the MC number. Then you can check if this number corresponds to the company’s name on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. If the shipper tells you that they have no registration number, watch out - they are scammers.

The United States Department of Transportation can help you verify whether the auto car's transport is licensed or not. Companies that have no necessary permits are not allowed to participate in the vehicle shipping process.  

Verify auto car transport insurance

cheap car shippingNever trust your vehicle to a company that has no insurance. This is a question of safety and security. Make sure that insurance is up-to-date and includes everything you need. There are a lot of dishonest companies which attract customers with low shipping quotes, which later turn out to be a deception since they don’t include insurance at all, or they may contain only insufficient insurance which will hardly please you. Therefore, we recommend you clear up in advance what exactly the insurance plan covers, and whether you can count on additional insurance if needed. All reputable companies are ready to provide you with extra coverage if you are ready to pay for it.  

Bear in mind that only insurance can guarantee you compensation in case of damage. If you need to transport a classic or antique vehicle, additional insurance is a must.

Analyze the average market prices for auto car-hauling transport

When looking for reliable auto car transport, you should never chase the low price. This can cause big problems in the future. Trying to save on price, you risk losing a quality service. Start with requesting multiple quotes from several companies in order to have what to compare. Don’t forget that the quotes you will get are just estimates, so these are not the final prices that the companies will charge you. 

Make sure that you know exactly what the quote includes and that it has no hidden fees.

Never agree to pay any deposits until you are assigned a carrier, and you know who your driver will be.

As you can see, finding a trustworthy auto transport car carrier isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. Just follow all the tips mentioned above, and you will be able to avoid fake auto car transporters and shipping scammers, and the vehicle transportation process will go smoothly, without a hitch.

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