Choosing a reliable shipping car company

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Choosing a reliable shipping car company

When it’s time for you to find a company that ships cars across the country or even abroad, it’s not so easy. Normally, facing something unusual we are used to asking for advice from our relatives and friends, but in this case, it can occur that no one used such a service before. To help you to make the right choice and not  be cheated by an unfair carrier, we combined the information about the best transportation companies in the U.S.

Easy Auto Transport

easy auto ship logo

This car shipping company is a great choice for the first experience. Everything always goes smooth with them as, even despite hundreds of orders on a daily basis, they are taking care about each particular customer and vehicle. There are just a few examples of the great service this transportation company has:

  • Free washing of your car upon arrival. This is extremely important in case of an open transportation as your vehicle may face insects, birds and different weather conditions;
  • No deposit policy. This means that when you are making a booking for an appropriate date, you don’t need to make any payments in advance. The only small deposit is needed after your car is loaded on the truck and the whole price is charged after successful delivery;
  • Personalized service. As soon as you hand over your car to this ship car company, you will be provided with contact details of the driver. This unusual service will let you always be in touch with the car shipping company’s representative.

It should be mentioned that Easy Auto Transport itself is not a carrier but a broker. It’s dealing only with reliable carriers and takes all the risks and responsibilities on itself.

Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto Transport logo

This is the leading car transporter company in the U.S. With a great experience and a lot of satisfied customers it became one of the first things people are thinking about when they hear about a car’s delivery.

You don’t even need to contact them on the phone or via email – the website booking is arranged in such an easy way that even a new user will easily cope with reservation.

The only thing that should be mentioned in regard to Montway is a great dynamic in the quotas. Within a few weeks they may be changed significantly so you need to monitor them for the best deal.

One more tip to get the better price is to pay cash. As there is no need for any deposit, it’s more than welcomed to give all the sum upon delivery in cash – that’s how you may get up to 8 percent discount.

U-Ship Car Marketplace

U-Ship Car Marketplace logo

This is not one of the brokers. It is a specific online marketplace with a huge network of possible carriers throughout the country (including such remote states as Hawaii and Alaska). Depending on your particular destinations and periods, it will easily pick you the most appropriate shipping company for cars. Moreover, it will provide you with as many choices as you wish so you can easily make the best deal.

As you will be in charge of the final choice, it is highly recommended to go into details of the contract as it will be a contract between you and the carrier and not with the marketplace itself. So basically, it’s just a useful tool to have access to all the offers and to compare the quotas.

AmeriFreight Car Transport

AmeriFreight Car Transport logo

The booking process is probably the only weakness of this transportation broker as it cannot be made through their website. When you fill the form, you will get an email with the possible price, but it still must be confirmed.

With this small inconvenience you will get an affordable price, reliable carrier and guaranteed shipment. You are also advised to use its additional insurance (AFta Plan) which will cover any unexpected accidents on the road. This is especially recommended in case of across the country delivery or a high-value car.

Golden Key Express

Golden Key Express logo

If you are looking for a truly tailored service, Golden Key Express is exactly what you need. It’s not a broker but the shipper itself. Moreover, it’s run by a family which possesses all the trucks for transportation. On the one hand, it’s causing limited availability and sometimes longer estimated delivery time. But if you want your vehicle to be taken care of during the whole distance, it’s worth it to wait and even to pay a little bit more in comparison with the average price.

It’s just the most common examples and there are much more good carriers across the country. On a regular basis you may find updated research in regards to the current situation among the carriers on the internet.

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