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Factors that can affect your auto transport rates

For most car owners, transporting cars from one state to another can become a daunting task. Especially if they do it for the very first time. So, if you want to alleviate all the stress during the car shipping process, you need to find a 5-star rated auto transport company that will provide you with safe service and low-rate auto transport. If you want to know more about car shipping prices and factors that can affect car shipping rates, stick to this article and read it very carefully until the end. Also, we have conducted market research and compiled SEO keyword research for the best optimization of this article.


Distance is the very first factor that can influence the auto transport rate. It is simple. The farther your vehicle will be shipped, the more fuel consumption will cost. In addition, popular routes and familiar places where most automobiles travel are less expensive than remote locations. It happens because most top-rated auto transport companies prefer to travel on popular routes and major highways during the car shipping service.

Open or enclosed transport can affect auto transport rates

Open auto carrier ships your vehicle on an open truck. This means that your car is exposed to external elements and weather that may cause damage to your vehicle. Open car transport will definitely cost you more than an enclosed auto carrier. It happens for two reasons. The first reason is that auto transport services spend less time loading and preparing your car before it is shipped. The second reason is that they can put more vehicles on the trailer, which spreads the shipping cost for cars out among all the automobiles. You need to know that just because your vehicle is exposed to potential damage during open car transport, the risks during open car transport are rare, however, they still can occur. So if you have a very expensive or vintage car you should choose an enclosed transport.

An enclosed car carrier ships your automobile on an enclosed auto shipping trailer that protects your car from damage while on the road. Enclosed auto transport is the best option when you need to protect your precious car from the potential damage that harsh weather conditions and natural elements may cause. You should know that the covered car carrier can be more expensive than open auto transport. Navigate auto transport rates wisely. Explore factors influencing costs. Optimize your online presence – hire Magento developer for a seamless digital journey.

Your car’s condition

Another factor to consider when shipping a car is its condition. Be honest about the operating condition of your vehicle when hiring the best-rated auto transport company. You need to make sure that your automobile is in good condition. A well-functioning vehicle requires less effort to load while an inoperable car needs more special equipment with much more effort. In this case, the top-rated auto transport company has the right to demand more fees if you have an inoperable vehicle. Thus, consider the condition of your automobile when you request car shipping quotes.

Your vehicle’s make and model

If you know your car’s make and model, it can help you to get the best rate of auto transport USA. Because some special vehicles are more expensive to transport from one place to another. If you have a very expensive or vintage car, then be ready to pay more money. Because such types of automobiles need special services to transport them.

Insurance coverage also affects the auto transport rates per mile

Auto shipping services usually offer their clients the basic level insurance coverage option. However, sometimes it doesn’t match the true value of the car. So you can decide to purchase the additional insurance coverage which can help you to reclaim the full value protection in case any damage occurs while your car is on the road. The price of additional insurance coverage will impact your car shipping rates.

Your preferences in delivery

Just like other items, your preferences in delivery also affect the car shipping rates. For instance, if you choose a terminal-to-terminal shipping method to pick up and deliver your vehicle, it will be less expensive than having your automobile delivered to your doorstep. Terminal-to-terminal shipping method means that your automobile will be delivered to another storage terminal or a place for pick up. When you choose a door-to-door shipping method, your car will be delivered right to your doorstep or any preferred location. Obviously, door-to-door delivery will cost you more money. However, you can save money if you are flexible with delivery dates and pickup. This is why it’s better to find a highest-rated auto transport company as you can save more money than instant shipment which has a higher cost.

Shipping method

Cost to ship car across countryMost car shipping services offer different car shipping methods in order to accommodate every customer’s needs and budget. Most drivers usually prefer to hire an open-air car carrier when transporting their vehicles from one state to another. Open trucks are less expensive, however, you should note that your vehicle will be exposed to bad weather conditions, elements, and debris during the shipment. So if you have a very expensive or classic car, an enclosed shipping method would be the best option to ship your car. Enclosed trucks provide better protection than open trucks, though the price will be much higher.


Like any other industry, car shipping companies have low and high demand. Thus, the time of the year can also impact your final car shipping rates. For example, drivers have more need for car shipping services during summer and spring. Therefore, it will be more expensive to ship a car during these times of the year. The prices of car shipping services usually go down during winter and fall. You should also remember that celebrations and holidays such as New Year or Christmas can also affect the car shipping rates and car service transport availability. In order to get the most accurate car shipping rates, you can use an auto transport rate calculator that you can find on the website of the service you want to hire.

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