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Private approach to top auto transport companies

It can sound illogical to look for auto transport companies which will transport your car. But in reality, there are a lot of different situations when every car’s owner will prefer to pay for the delivery than to put hundreds (or even thousands) of miles on the car’s mileage.

Imagine, you are purchasing a desirable and long-awaited vehicle from the official dealer, but he is located in another state. And in some cases, the distance between you and your new car is really huge. Here you will normally have two main options:

  • To go there (by train, by plane, by bus or any other way and to pick it up by yourself. But in this case, you will need to drive it back home, which can cause some unpredictable damage and at least upon arrival your car will definitely be in a totally new condition;
  • With auto transporting companies you will not worry about anything and your car will be delivered directly to your house (in case if you have chosen a door-to-door transportation) in the ideal condition.

Nowadays there are a great number of such carriers, and if you are not planning just to google “auto transport companies near me”, here we will demonstrate you the most reliable and popular ones.

How to choose the trustworthy carrier

Here we will consider a very specific private national auto transport companies you can meet in the USA. Here are the main criteria we used to compile this list:

  1. Certifications required. The first and the main thing to consider when looking for a really good deal of the car’s delivery is the legality of the company. There are two main certificates it should have – the one from the US Department of Transportation and the second one from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In case of the international cars’ delivery, you will need to make sure the transportation company has an appropriate permit which is different depending on the particular type and method of the delivery. At least, the shipping company will need to be registered by the Federal Maritime Commission;
  2. Appropriate insurance. Nowadays almost every delivery quote includes insurance coverage, at least the basic one. Therefore, the company itself should be insured and bonded;
  3. Reviews of auto transport companies reflect the most accurate and up-to-date information about the level of services it provides. We have checked the recent reviews on different sources and can make you assured that the following companies deserve your attention and consideration;
  4. Website’s interface is one of the most practical things which can both improve the overall experience of the client or make the whole process annoying and frustrating. To avoid any inconvenience, we have chosen only those transportation companies which have a user-friendly and easy-to-use website;
  5. Lastly, the variety of the services you will find in the following examples will help you to find an appropriate offer in the fastest and the most efficient way.

Best auto transport companies in the private sector


Before starting, we would like to highly recommend checking the review on auto transport companies you will be interested in. They will not only be useful to see the main advantages and disadvantages of the particular company but also to find out the details and specific features it has.

  1. Nexus Auto Transport. Frankly speaking, on this list this transporter is considered to be the best overall. And that is why. Firstly, it has all variety of the delivery services you may look for in regards to your vehicle (open and enclosed transportation, seasonal relocation (of course, including the car’s shipment), classic car extra-care service, standard and expedited delivery service). Secondly, you will get a personal online quote, which can be a very attractive deal from the first sight as there are no middlemen included into the process0. Finally, according to numerous auto transport companies’ reviews, with Nexus Auto Transport you will get the most personalized approach and the best ever service. One of the most attractive and interesting examples is that this company can provide its customers with a pretty flexible payment program which is more than essential in case the car’s owner cannot pay for the delivery service in advance.
  2. KTK Transport. Here you will find a very interesting and pretty unique option – two prices for the same transportation service. The main factor is the payment method. Everybody knows how much the truck drivers like cash, and the drivers of the transportation companies are not the exception. Moreover, that is how there is a much higher chance for them to get some tips if the service was satisfactory for the client. Therefore, if you choose the option to pay in cash and not by credit card, you will have about a 60 dollars discount. It’s not too much, but on the other hand you are getting it for nothing. The reviews for auto transport companies underline a great 24/7 customer support so whenever you have a question or personal request, you can immediately get the reply from the company’s representative. Moreover, even sales of the transportation services are available for the whole day and night. One more essential feature that attracts a lot of clients it’s an absence of the advance payment necessity.
  3. SDR Group. Despite the popularity of SDR Group transportation company for the multiple cars’ delivery for the long distances, this carrier has a great variety of services for the individuals as well. With some specific bonuses. Thus, every car’s owner knows that upon the delivery of the car with an open transport, its surface looks at least not too attractive covered by dust, dirt, insects and some other unavoidable on the highway road particles. This private transportation carrier provides every client a reimbursement for 20 dollars for the wash service. This small detail is very nice and useful. Also, arranging the delivery with SDR Group, you can be sure the final price will not differ from the original one. In the contract it will be called a Price Lock Promise. Therefore, in comparison with many other private carriers, here you will know that there will not be any additional, “hidden” expenses upon the delivery of the car.
  4. West Coast Auto Transport. Despite the fact that the availability and the offers themselves are pretty limited within this family-owned carrier, the reviews of auto transport companies underline a very personalized and tailored service provided. Thus, if you are willing to arrange the delivery in the open truck (as it’s the only option you can find within West Coast Auto Transport) but want to make sure your car will be treated in a better and more professional way that within bigger transporters, it will be a very good choice. You just will need to make sure the carrier will cover your particular route – as you can see from the name, the overwhelming majority of the directions are located on the west coast.
  5. Delivery by Delivery. Traditionally, it’s not so easy to enter a new market, especially in regards to the transportation industry. But this newcomer in a very short time proved its reliability while providing its clients with a great service and personal approach. The main attractive features of this new carrier are low prices and free of charge cargo insurance. And, of course, you will get a stressless and pretty fast delivery across the whole country.
  6. Umbrella Auto Transport. Far not every review of auto transport companies can have that many positive notes as in regards to Umbrella Auto Transport. First of all, from the very beginning (getting an online quote and discussing the further details) until the delivery process of your vehicle, you will be dealing with one particular company’s representative what will help you to avoid unnecessary (and sometimes very annoying) repetitions of the same information. Also, you will be provided with a useful tracking tool to make sure your vehicle will be delivered within the estimated waiting time.
  7. Starway Logistics. If you are living in Alaska or Hawaii, most probably you have already faced the difficulties within the transportation services for these particular states. Their remote location makes it difficult and not always profitable for the transportation companies to arrange the delivery service to and from these regions. With Starway Logistics you can expect your vehicle to be delivered here with no problems and in the most effective and fast way. Additionally, here you can find a great number of discounts for different groups of people (students, military, early birds, regular clients and others) which can make the whole deal even more attractive.

It’s totally not possible to cover every transportation company that can provide its customers with a great service of the car’s delivery. Moreover, not all of them are available across the whole country (as we saw in the previous example). Therefore, you should not consider only these seven private carriers but at least this information can give you a better understanding about the expectations you should have in regards to the transportation of your vehicle across the country or even overseas.

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