Car transporting quotes and their components

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Car transporting quotes and their components

Not everybody is familiar with the process of the car transportation, especially its quotes. Normally people are facing the necessity of choosing an appropriate company, which fulfills these duties, only once or twice a life. It’s not surprising, that when it’s time we are getting a little bit confused and lost in all the scores of modern transportation companies.

Here we will look at the car transportation cost and what it consists of so it will be easier to make a better deal.

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What is a car transportation quote?

You can normally see it on the carrier’s website. And in most cases, there will be two types of quotes – for an open and enclosed method.

The basic difference is safety. Open way is more common among owners of ordinary, not too expensive cars.  Probably you have already seen a long truck with a few tiers of cars on it.

The second option is an enclosed truck with a capacity of maximum 7 cars (moreover, in most cases there are just a few of them). As you can guess, this is a more exclusive delivery service for most expensive sports and classic cars.

Thus, among the car transportation prices you can see as a company’s offer, the cheaper one is for an open way, and about 50-60 percent more expensive is for enclosed one.

Talking about the average rate of the car transport cost normally it’s in between 600 and 1,000 USD.


The basic car transportation quote you may see online on the website of a particular carrier. Beside that, you may also face transportation brokers, who act as an intermediary between the customers and carriers and, in this case, they are offering you a few options in regards to the price and particular conditions.

But this basic cost to transport a car can vary a lot of the final price, and that is why:

  • The more a length and weight of the vehicle you are going to transport, the higher the price. It’s caused by the limited capacity of the carrier’s truck and, therefore, necessity to cover expenses in case there are less cars fit. This is especially peculiar for enclosed type of transportation;
  • The make of the car as well as its model can turn it into an extremely valuable asset for the owner and for the insurance case. This requires special attention during the delivery process and also may significantly affect the final car transportation costs;
  • There is a seasonality even in the transportation industry. Normally, people prefer to move to a new house or arrange any other type of activity that may require applying for a car delivery service when the weather is warm and comfortable. To keep a demand in a winter time many carriers offer more attractive prices (which is also caused by a longer waiting time);
  • Waiting time. Considering the specific character of the car transportation, the quote strictly depends on the estimated time you are ready to wait for. Like in any similar sphere (like post, online-shops and others) you will need to pay an extra fee for an expedited service. To avoid such impractical expenses, it’s recommended to order a delivery in advance.

And even if you have discussed all the details with the carrier, there are some cases that change final car transport quotes upon delivery. For example, due to unpredictable weather changes. To avoid such unwelcome consequences, it’s always better to agree on a locked-in price, which is normally a little bit higher, but guaranteed and unchangeable.

A car’s delivery cost is definitely an important feature when choosing a transportation company. But you should never forget that a miser pays twice. So you need to attentively read the feedbacks and consider the reputation of the carrier whom you trust your vehicle for a couple of weeks.

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