Сheapest vehicle shipping

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Cheap vehicle shipping

For transporting your vehicle from one house to another, you may want to opt for the cheapest delivery, although do not forget that this is not so easy to do in the field of cargo transportation. Each cargo is not like another, so prices are very changeable, and besides this, companies may initially lower prices, and in the end, in fact, will make them higher. For this reason, it is important to understand the real cost of car delivery and partner with those who meet all your expectations and costs. There are several factors that make it possible to ship inexpensively. First, you should get freight rates from multiple carriers. Secondly, if you order delivery in advance, the price may be lower. Thirdly, it is better to use open transport for shipping at a low cost. And finally, fourthly, after all the searches and analysis, it is necessary to choose a suitable carrier company. 

How can you find cheap vehicle shipping rates?

It is best to use the services of a trusted and reliable company with inexpensive rates to ship the car. But all the difficulty is how to find it?! We will briefly investigate the cost of delivery, as well as what the prices depend on.

On average it costs about $710 to ship a car. In general, the cost of transportation can range from $280 to $2060, due to the different sizes of cars, delivery methods and distances.

Vehicle shipping rates are very volatile and the car carriers themselves initially offer prices that are not always final. In addition, some companies are partners of real carriers that provide services with their help. 

How to transport your car cheaply?

Let's take a closer look at four factors that we have mentioned earlier:

  1. When you start looking for a carrier company, you ask yourself the following question: "Where can I get the cheapest vehicle shipping?" The best way to get cheap vehicle shipping rates is by requesting several companies, at least three. It is advisable to avoid the cheapest and most expensive offers. The lowest prices are attractive, but they are just simple advertising. In this way, carriers acquire customers, and after placing an order for delivery, they increase prices. They can also cheat by taking an irrevocable partial prepayment, so that later you do not leave them and pay everything in full, but more expensive.

  2. Advance order of transportation.

    When several companies offer their services for the transportation of your cargo, it becomes possible to achieve an optimal price. For example, one company offered $900 today, while another offered $850 tomorrow. You can continue to bargain with them to get the lowest price in the end. This situation will arise if you make a pre-order for shipment not later than two weeks before it starts, so you need to plan everything as early as possible. This can save you a lot of money.

  3. Use of open transport.

    Most cars are delivered on open wheeled platforms or trailers, which are commonly referred to as the general term - open transport. This method of delivery helps to significantly save money, while enclosed delivery is much more expensive and does not affect the quality of transportation. Enclosed transport is needed more for classic and custom automobiles, as well as for antique and exotic ones.

  4. Choosing the right company.

    If you make the wrong choice, you risk losing hundreds of dollars on shipping your vehicle. In this case, violations of delivery times or various defects during transportation are possible. You need to work with an inexpensive and reputable company. For example, for cross-country shipping, Bargain Auto Transport has the best offer. This company will help you transport the car to any state, and at the same time you will save about $300 for the cheapest vehicle shipping throughout the country. American Auto Shipping will help you to carry your car for a short distance at an affordable price. You can save $200 on carriages up to 500 miles.

The most reliable carrier companies.

In trucking, decency plays a big role, as many companies try to make more money by changing their shipping rates. In such a situation, it is extremely important to negotiate with a company that works honestly and openly, not only for the sake of high income. In this regard, we can advise several really decent companies that are significantly ahead of their competitors in this. 

Sherpa Auto Transport always offers flat rates for transport, its staff is very tactful and accurate, and your car will be delivered in a clean condition.

Easy Auto Ship makes fast delivery at low cost, with excellent reviews from satisfied customers.

AmeriFreight is committed to offering high security and reasonable discounted prices.

Cheap vehicle shipping for military personnel

Every vehicle carrier is ready to offer discounts on their services for military staff. The price can be lower from $25 and up to more than $100. The army pays for each serviceman for the shipment of one vehicle. The military must deliver the second personal vehicle at his own expense. And the best delivery method is to use the cheap vehicle shipping military services of private carriers.

Cheap international vehicle shipping

Truck TransportsOne of the cheapest ways to ship vehicles internationally is RO RO, or roll-in and roll-out. For cars, a lower deck is equipped on ships for placement there during delivery. Loading and unloading is very simple and cost effective. Although, for example, for the shipment of vans and motorhomes, the costs will be much higher, since they are large and the payment is taken for the volume of the cargo. If your car is freely placed in containers of 20 and 40 feet, then in this case delivery will cost you even cheaper, since the dimensions of the vehicles are not important there.

There are more options for the most favorable conditions for the delivery of vehicles:

  1. Choosing transport services from terminal to terminal.

    When choosing such an inexpensive transportation, only additional costs may arise for each day the car is in the terminal's warehouse. At the moment, terminal shipping services are not as popular as before, therefore, when ordering them, it is better to discuss everything with the company providing such services.

  2. When determining the timing of the departure and arrival of the car, you can choose the best dates. However, you can rely on a discount if you do not specify individual terms in the transport order. Thus, the carrier itself determines the optimal dates for shipping, unloading and receiving the vehicle based on the logistics process.

  3. The use of open transport for shipping.

    It was mentioned earlier that door delivery by open transport is much cheaper than delivery in an enclosed container or truck. Approximately one and a half times.

  4. Comparison of value with authority.

    Choosing the lowest price, as we know, does not always meet our expectations. The quality of cheap transport services is often poor. Therefore, try to study the transport market and make your right choice. Do not forget to look through the reviews of other clients about this or that company! It is important to understand the justified expectations regarding on-time delivery, cost and actual service. The more positive customer reviews, the higher the carrier's reputation. It is better to cooperate with a reputable company and resolve issues of discounts on various shipping offers.

Some points can also affect cheap vehicle shipping rates:

  1. Frequently, the shipping rate is directly related to the distance. The larger it is, the higher the cost. Carrying on highways between major cities is more profitable than delivery to small towns and villages in the province, when you have to travel extra distance and time with high fuel costs. The solution is to arrange delivery to points located on the main routes of trucks.
  2. Seasonality of shipments leads to an increase in the cost of transport services in summer. In the warm season, cars are transported more from east to west, and in winter, demand falls. True, lovers of warmth often move from north to south on the east coast in winter. Therefore, the shipping demand and their cost may be higher.
  3. As already mentioned, the delivery method affects the shipping cost. It is cheaper to transport in an open way in a bunk trailer.
  4. For urgent delivery, be prepared to pay more. Therefore, the cost depends on the timing, since everything is related to planning and implementation. Usually, cars are transported in fully filled trailers and take time to load.
  5. Special carriage and service for redesigned vehicles increases the cost of transportation.
  6. Shipping will also cost more depending on the size and weight of the vehicles transported. This affects the safety of shipment.
  7. If there are personal belongings in the car, its weight increases. Restrictions on the movement of overweight trucks have been introduced on the roads. And road carriers do not have a license to deliver goods other than cars.
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