Is it possible to get a cheap way to transport a cars?

Is it possible to get a cheap way to transport a car?

If you need to get a cheap car transport interstate, you should firstly search for a shipping company which perfectly suits your requirements and particular needs. We have prepared a guide to help you get the shipping company of your dreams which will be the cheapest interstate car transport at the same time.

How much does credible auto shipping cost?   

Before searching for cheap car interstate transport, you should study some data on current shipping rates in general.

The numbers say that the average car shipping cost may vary from $250 to $2000 depending on the following factors:

  • how far you plan to transport your vehicle

  • how large and heavy your vehicle is

  • what is the make and model of your car

  • what type of transport you choose: open-air transport or enclosed shipping

  • when do you plan to move your car

  • would you like to ship it door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal

In fact, prices for car transportation may vary not only from shipper to shipper, but even from season to season. For instance, shipping a vehicle in the offseason is interstate car transport cheapest option.

It’s necessary to bear in mind that the sum you get from a company when you request a quote, isn’t the final cost of car shipping. This is some kind of a starting point, which you can use in order to get a slight idea of pricing.

How to get car transport interstate cheap?

If you think that you are not able to change the shipping cost to get interstate car transport cheap, you are mistaken. There are certain factors that you can influence or alter in accordance to your needs in order to get what you wish. Find useful tips for transporting cars interstate cheap in the list below:

  1. Request several quotes

    In order to get a better selection, try to receive at least 3-5 shipping quotes from multiple companies. When choosing the company by the quote, never stop on the one with the lowest quote. As a rule, such options include hidden extra fees, which increase the final price in the end, making initially cheap interstate car transport the most pricey option.

    NOTE! Never pay any deposit until you are assigned a particular carrier. This can be a cheat, and you may lose your money!

  2. Book shipping in advance

    The earlier you make a reservation, the the more likely you will be able to save money. Therefore, early booking is another cheap way to transport a car. When you submit a request much in advance, there are more shippers ready to bid on your order, so the price is lower thanks to larger competition. So there occurs more chances to cheap car transporter hire.

  3. Choose open-air shipping

    Open-air shipping is the best option for cheap car transport interstate. Its prices are about 40-60% lower than those of enclosed transport. By the way,only 10% of all shipping in the US is in enclosed trailers, these are mostly luxury and antique cars. So if you need to move a standard family car, open-air transport is more than just enough for you.

  4. Select the right company

    Undoubtedly, if you need to transport a car, you will be searching for cheap car interstate transport. However, the lowest price doesn't mean that this is the best option. When selecting the shipper, try to stop on the best ratio of quality and price. Otherwise, you risk to pay unnecessary additional fees.

What reliable US companies offer cheapest interstate car transport?  

car shipping companiesWe have carrier out research and we want to share soe useful information about the companies which offer car transport interstate cheap.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport offers reliable quotes and friendly service. They will even wash your car upon the delivery.

Bargain Auto Transport

The name of the company speaks for itself. You can find interstate car transport cheap and reliable. This company will help you save about $200-300 on shipping cross-country.

American Auto Shipping

If you need to get a trustworthy short-distance shipper transporting cars interstate cheap, American Auto Shipping is just what you need. This is the most profitable option when transporting a vehicle less than 500 miles away.

Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship is one of the interstate car transport cheapest options. The company has excellent ratings and an impeccable reputation.


AmeriFreight is an excellent option from the point of view of discounts. This is not only cheap interstate car transport, but also excellent insurance plans and fast service.

There are numerous other shipping companies which deserve your attention, such as Montway Auto Transport, Nationwide Auto Transportation, Diesel Auto Express, and many others. All the companies mentioned above will offer you cheap car transport interstate, which is hundreds of dollars lower than the average market rates.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that when choosing the cheapest interstate car transport, it’s always necessary to check the company’s registration and license in order not to get into trouble in future.

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