Cost of shipping vehicle across country

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How much does it cost of shipping vehicle across country

If you are planning to move, you may need to move your vehicle from one place to another without driving it yourself. Hiring a car shipping service is the most popular option. If you're wondering how much it costs to move your car to another state or across the country, first you need to know what affects the shipping a car across country cost. Here are some important factors to consider while making a decision.

Vehicle’s weight and size

The most important factor that affects the quote is the size and weight of the vehicle. If your car takes up more space on the hauler, the auto shipping service needs additional money to transport it. Therefore, some companies only transport small cars. Larger cars take up more space and weigh more, so they will be more expensive to transport.

Time flexibility

Being more flexible in your schedule can lead to lower costs as the carrier can ensure the full truck, resulting in cost savings. In addition, the auto shipping company can organize the most efficient routes and processes with more time and without haste.

Vehicle’s make and model

The make of your car also affects the price of delivery. Since the value of your car is greater, the costs will also increase because the company must offer additional service to your vehicle. The size of the car also depends on the brand. For example, large wheels will take up more space on the truck. This is why brands and shipping prices are so intertwined.


The average cost of moving your car also depends on the season. For example, it is difficult to ship it in winter due to delays and bad roads. This season also affects the way the company operates. Therefore, the cost of shipping a vehicle across country rise. Therefore, it is worth agreeing on this issue before organizing delivery.


Vehicle Shipping CostsHow far do you need to move your vehicle? Because it also affects the shipping vehicles across country cost. Depending on the final destination, you can plan on allowing 3-12 days to ship a vehicle. Route popularity also impacts the prices. The more popular the route is, the more trucks and drivers can handle that route. Therefore, you may see a lower price on the most popular route, even though it is a longer distance.

Enclosed vs open car carriers

Before you start looking for a truck to ship your  car, you should understand how the type of auto transport can impact the cross country vehicle shipping cost. So, you need to choose between an open and enclosed auto transport. If you decided to select an open auto transport, your vehicle will be shipped together with other vehicles. This option is the most affordable option for most car owners. However, you should remember that this option also makes your vehicle vulnerable to possible damage and harsh weather conditions.

Enclosed auto transport is the best option for those who care about the safety of their cars. This option is more expensive than an open carrier, but it gives car owners a little more peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is isolated from bad weather and possible damage.

Both of these options allow you to get your automobile to the final destination but you should keep in mind that enclosed auto transport will cost you more than the open one.

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