What you need to know about the cheap car shipping quotes

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What you need to know about the cheap car shipping quotes instant

When you need to transport your car across the United States, probably the first question you will ask is how to make car shipping quotes cheap. In many cases the process of the car’s delivery itself includes many additional expenses you will have besides the rate of the car’s transportation.

It’s very convenient that nowadays everybody can easily get a free car shipping quote online, so there is no need to spend extra time and effort on getting to know what the approximate price of your car’s delivery will be. If you visit the website of pretty much every transportation company you can easily find a special tool – online calculator, which will allow you to get the preliminary quote for the transportation service.

Where you can find cheap car shipping quotes

There is no official governmental regulation in regards to the rate of the car’s transportation within the state or across the country. But you can easily get car shipping quotes and compare them between different transportation companies. The standard rule in this case is to consider at least three of five carriers and brokers to find out which of the offers is better and more profitable for you.

To find the cheapest car shipping quotes you don’t have to spend hours or even days for the personal research. Nowadays you can easily find the list of the most attractive from the customers’ perspective transportation companies with both free car shipping quotes, adequate rates and very good customer service. Here are just a couple of them:

  1. AutoStar. This transportation company can provide you with a really cheap car shipping quote in comparison with the competitors. Beside that, you can expect to get some additional benefits when dealing with this company. For example, you can expect to deliver your car even to very remote states like Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. This is a pretty unique option as usually it can be quite difficult to find the transportation company with the delivery service to these locations. Another interesting feature of this company is the variety of services. You can expect to find a solution for the transportation of almost every kind of the vehicles, including motorcycles, oversized trucks and classic cars, while in every case you will get a personal approach. You can also choose a single-truck solution which is also not so common in the transportation industry today. What concerns the negative aspects, while you will get a cheap car shipping instant quote, you will not be able to add some extra coverage for the delivery service within the company so if you are interested in this option, you will need to find the insurance company on the side;
  2. Nexus Auto Transport. If you want to get a car shipping quote which includes all the expenses and, therefore, is fully transparent, you can pay attention to this transportation company. As an example, as soon as you put the information into the online calculator to receive an appropriate car shipping free quote, you will get not only one price (in the overwhelming majority of other transportation companies you will most probably receive the cheapest rate or the quote that fits your budget. Here you can have three results which will help you to better understand the situation on the market overall. Thus, the economy price indeed will show you the lowest price from the various carriers in the United States. You will also get the information about the more standard price as well as the quote for the expedited service. It’s always good to save some money and find the cheapest variant of the car’s delivery, but if the price you see in the first variant is too much different from the standard one, it can be a sign for worries. Nexus will provide you much more independence in making the decisions than most other transportation brokers (which normally make a choice for you) without giving you alternatives. Besides that, you will also get a very convenient online tracking which will allow you to check the location of your vehicle 24/7, which is especially important if we are talking about truly expensive and valuable cars;
  3. KVB Auto Transport. Traditionally, small businesses provide better and more personalized services but you need to pay it some extra fee. In the case of the KVB Auto Transport the situation is totally different. The quotes of this carrier are even lower than most of the competitors, at least if we are talking about the family-run companies. You will also not be required for any upfront payment which is traditionally non-refundable. Of course, the national coverage of such small companies like KVB Auto Transport cannot allow you to transport the vehicles in all the destinations, but as soon as your route is covered by this special carrier, you can expect to get the fairest and the most delightful transportation service ever. Basic insurance is also included, so your main task will be just to check if its enough in comparison with the overall value of your car;
  4. Ship a Car Direct. This is a very popular transportation company in the United States, and there are a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, you can expect a very specific insurance policy. The deal is that in most cases transportation brokers are just middlemen between the clients and the direct carriers, therefore, they normally don’t participate in the most important aspects of the deal. But here we can see that Ship a Car Direct provides its clients with some additional and very interesting benefits – damage-free guarantee. It’s not always easy to make the direct carrier pay for some damage that appeared during the transportation service. And if the company that transported your car will not be able to cover some specific damages, you will always have a 500-dollars coverage provided by the broker Ship a Car Direct. Of course, this amount is not enough for some really serious problems, but this extra protection will allow you to feel more confident and will make the whole transportation process less stressful.

How to make the quote even more attractive

car shipping quotes instant

There are some tips which will help you to make the whole transportation of the car deal much more profitable. For example, you should always keep in mind the seasonality of the transportation business. Summertime is not a very good idea as soon as you have a pretty much limited budget and can afford to change the delivery date to the later period of the year.

Multiple car’s transportation is also a big point. Of course, you may have only one car, but as soon as you will make some investigations and find a car’s owner with a pretty much similar route, you can essentially cut the final transportation cost.

You should also check the discount a particular company provides. It can be slightly surprising how many options you can find there. 

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