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All the specific features of transporter BMW car

If you have ever seen any movie with Jason Statham’s character, you probably have mentioned his passion (or at least of his characters) for really good cars. The movie Transporter shows you a BMW car in all its perfection. And not only one model.

Here we will consider the main example when the Transporter car BMW appears on the screen and what the main characteristics of this model are. In total, there are three parts of the movie, and each of them has a specific combination of the luxurious cars. To get a better understanding why this point is that much important in the scenario, let’s take a look at the story you will see throughout the whole franchise. The main character, played by Jason Statham, is Frank Martin, who is working as a transporter and ready to do any job but the same time has a very clear understanding of the line between good and evil. That is why he has such an interesting and full of events and occasions life during all three parts. In the Transporter a BMW car chase (or is being chased) across the whole city or even a state, and that is one of the most important reasons why the director of this trilogy had to make sure the cars he chose would be able to do the job in a proper way.

Here is a specific description of the BMW car in Transporter.

Transporter 1

The first part can be distinguished by the demonstration of such a wonderful Transporter car as BMW 735i E38. It’s the first car we see here, and it indeed helps to create an appropriate atmosphere for the whole movie. It looks classic and luxurious the same time while its technical characteristics allow this BMW car transport to create really impressive and memorable scenes.

The movie of 2002 is using the car issued in 1999, but the modern approach was not the main idea of the Transporter. This extraordinary car has 8 cylinders (which was pretty rare to find) and the engine of 3,5 liters. This combination provides the car with the torque of 345 Nm while an output is 235 bhp. But it’s not the whole and the most interesting characteristics of this magical vehicle – this BMW car from the Transporter is able to reach the speed of 151 mph. You may think it’s not the highest number you have ever met, but you need to remember that this particular car was not created for the race but as a symbol and demonstration of luxury. With such a great combination, it’s not surprising that after this first part of the movie the future of BMW cars as the main transport brand was predetermined.

In regards to the particular scenes, for the first time we can see in Transporter a car chase with BMW when Frank Martin is driving bank robbers while running from the police. Basically, it’s the first episode where this car is attracting all the attention showing its great technical advantages. After the robbers were gone, the Statham’s character kept the car to use it in future episodes. One of which is how he is delivering a parcel (one of the main story lines in all the Transformers).

The end of the BMW 735i E38 story is close. With the next parcel (which is actually a briefcase) Frank has a bomb in the car, which will be a reason for a spectacular episode with the explosion.

BMW 735i E38

Now you have a better understanding that this BMW car plays one of the most important roles in the first Transporter movie.

Other famous examples

Basically, Transporter was one of the first movies that started the great demand for the different car’s brands in the entertainment industry. We also prepared a short list of the most remarkable examples where BMW cars appeared and attracted the full attention of the audience.

  1. Mission Impossible – Fallout. This recently released movie of 2018, of course, has much more special effects and additional computer technologies to make the whole picture more impressive and breathtaking. But what concerns the car’s “role”, it’s played perfectly without any assistance from the visual technicians. We are talking about the model M5 which has a very innovative xDrive system allowing the main character (this time played by Tom Cruise) to perform great and incredible actions.
  2. Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. It’s fair to say that one of the main roles here belongs to BMW M3 in Silverstone Metallic. Actually, there was not a single one car – frankly speaking, numerous M3s were involved in making the most impressive scenes of the movie.
  3. Overdrive (2017). Here you will find a full range of different models across the whole movie starting from BMW M3, BMW M6 (of a very specific Gran Coupe series), BMW M4 (a Convertible one) as well as the most iconic and distinguishing BMW i8. Beside that, in some short episode you can also mention a very rare and unique model of BMW 327.
  4. Fast & Furious, part 6. Originally, all the parts of this movie involve a great number of really gorgeous, fast and incredibly stylish cars, but only in the sixth part we can enjoy the look of the BMW M5. But as a reimbursement, here we can see five models of BMW in the same scene (street battle in London). It’s interesting that there are modified versions used. 507 hp, V10 engine for 5 liters as well as amazing exterior and interior of the car (cars) made this episode one of the most spectacular of the whole movie.
  5. Taxi. This is one more car-movie, and in this particular case we are talking about BMW M3 E46. It looks almost impossible how this car in the movie of 2004 reached the speed of 250 km/h while moving on the highway and, what is even more impressive, in the wrong direction. Of course, a movie is not a life, but considering that there was no computer graphics for this episode, BMW brand definitely showed its best in this model.
  6. Lethal Weapon. We will finish with one of the first famous movies where we can enjoy the view of BMW. In this case – of M635CSi. Considering that the movie was released in 1989, this red color car did not have all the improvements and adjustments more modern cars have. Therefore, it was a very pure and universal version of the BMW car. 6 cylinders and 286 horsepower are already demonstrating all the attractiveness and strength of this model.

BMW is one of the easiest cars to film, according to many directors and advertisers. It’s not that surprising considering its high technical characteristics and always attractive and distinguishing look. What is even more interesting – the classic models of this brand are not less (and in many cases even more) popular and in demand that more technologically developed new variants of BMW. Anyway, this particular brand is always recognizable and beloved by numerous cars’ lovers across the world.

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