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Basics about the car hauler companies

Among the transportation companies specific places belong to so-called car hauling companies which are focused on the delivery of the vehicles by special trailers or platforms which are towed by a truck or any other massive car. And if you are interested in this kind of service, it’s quite important to have some understanding of the different types of the providers as well as specific features of the whole process at all.

Types of the car haulers companies

Normally, all the companies that haul cars can be divided into two categories.

  1. Brokers. This car haul company can be described as a third-party mediator between the client and the service’s provider. Normally, a broker has quite a broad variety of carriers it’s dealing with and you can choose among them which deal is more suitable for you. Therefore, the process of finding a carrier will be much faster and, most probably, more efficient.

    The main point in this case is to find a really reliable and trustworthy broker that can be checked via different sources of reviews. Despite the fact that you will get a variety of offers, you should not follow the price only as there are some cases when a low price is used only to attract a potential client while it can lead to additional expenses or to a long waiting time.

    When choosing to work with a broker when signing a contract, you need to carefully check if it is a contract between you and a broker or with a car hauling company itself. Additionally, all the details must be checked. For example, a cheap price can be caused by the terminal-to-terminal delivery when you will need to arrange the drop off and pick up on your own.

  2. Carriers. Here a car hauler company has its own fleet, meaning the transportation service will be arranged by the company you are discussing the details with. This will lead to a much better communication and the opportunity to check and discuss everything in advance and therefore to avoid any unexpected circumstances or additional fees. The only disadvantage of this type of transportation company is that you might need to spend more time researching and getting the best deal.

Nowadays there is one more type that is taking its place – a broker-carrier combining the features of both the companies.

Advantages you get

When choosing to work with a car haulers company, you may expect to get the following benefits:

  • Time saving. If you need to deliver your car, in most cases it’s much faster and easier to apply for a professional transportation service. Imagine if you would need to go to another state just to pick up your new car from an auto dealer’s office;
  • Money saving. Of course, there are different carriers with different services and therefore prices. But if you are considering the basic transportation service within car haul companies, it can become even cheaper than making the delivery on your own;
  • Longer life for your car. Sometimes car’s owners prefer to drive the car on their own for quite a long distance trying to save some money and not applying for the hauler’s service. But not everybody keeps in mind that when doing so you are putting additional mileage on your car. Plus, there is always a risk to have some breakings on the way, to fix which may cost even more than a transportation service of the most expensive company;
  • Environment-friendly. Usually, a car’s hauler is able to deliver a dozen of the cars, especially if we are talking about an open transport. If you imagine that all those cars will be driven separately instead of being placed on the platform, it can cause a significant fuel consumption and therefore an essential harm for the environment.

How to choose an appropriate company

The best and the safest way is to check with your relatives or friends – most probably at least one of them has already applied for the car’s transportation services and can advise you on the carrier. Or at least, thus you can avoid the unfair company in case your friend had a very bad experience.

car hauling companies

Likewise, you can (and should) check the reviews on the Internet. There is no need to know and to use some specific forum or online platform – Google will help you to find out all the necessary information.

The background of the hauler company also should be checked. Usually, an experienced carrier with a long history and many satisfied customers will provide you with a great service. Beside that, it’s essential to check the legality of the company by visiting the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Finally, you need to carefully check the insurance policy. Regardless the road accidents in this case are pretty rare, you need to make sure that the coverage is enough for any possible damage. Especially if you own an expensive and rare car which details or maintenance works will cost you an essential sum.

Among the most famous in the USA haulers, we can mention J & S Transportation, Direct Express Auto Transport, Smart Auto Move and others. Depending on your particular requirements as well as locations and the car’s type you can easily find the most appropriate solution for the car’s transportation.

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