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Specialty of the shipping vehicles overseas for military

Military is one of the most specific groups of the customers for the transportation companies. They have some additional benefits as well as original services. It’s caused by a special pride, and every nationwide carrier tries to arrange the most attractive offers for military overseas vehicle shipping. As we know, a car is one of the most important and expensive personal belongings of the person, and most military prefer to have their own, familiar and full of memories vehicle while having a contract in another destination, far away from home.

Here we will consider some of them as well as some important information you need to know when applying for the delivery service.

Main bonuses for the military

First of all, we should mention that there are some specific military vehicle shipping port locations which can be used only for this group. Sometimes, in high demand and with the approval of particular government structures, access to these ports can be provided for ordinary purposes, but in most cases, they are closed for the civilian entrance.

Basically, there are not always shipping vehicles overseas for military as some of them need to move just across the country. Here there is also no need to drive the car on your own – transportation companies provide in these cases delivery by truck and even by plane (which is a significantly more expensive option).

Regardless of the type of the delivery, you should get familiar with the abbreviation of POV, meaning “Privately Owned Vehicle” as for military purposes carriers also provide an option of the equipment’s transportation. Here we will talk only about POV as it’s you who need to arrange its delivery to the vehicle shipping ports for the military.

As soon as you find the transporter who is ready to perform the transportation of your POV, you can check the discount groups. In most cases you will find out a special military discount for vehicle shipping which varies from company to company but traditionally gives you up to ten percent benefits. That is why it's always recommended to check at least 3-5 offers to make sure you as a military are getting the best deal.

Besides vehicle shipping military discount, you can expect to receive some additional bonuses. Thus, your car will be a more priority for the carrier. Traditionally, the delivery process for various military vehicle shipping locations can take up to a month.

You can also apply for a special insurance program which is called Marine insurance. It’s a great chance to cover any possible damage on the way, especially considering that the basic insurance for the POV can cover a maximum of 500 dollars only. Some quotas for overseas transportation already include this special Marine insurance so you need to check this point, especially if you see a higher price from one of the transportation companies.

Special documentation

Despite the fact that the transporter itself will prepare all the necessary documentation for the legality of shipping a vehicle overseas, especially for the military, there are still some papers you need to provide from your side. You will be provided with the full list as soon as you make a deal with the carrier. Here we will mention only the most important and traditional ones. You should remember that even if you have already dealt with the car’s delivery to the military ports, the requirements can be different depending on the destination.

  1. Firstly, you need to provide evidence that your vehicle is paid-off with an appropriate original title. If you still have a lien for the car, additionally to the notarized copy of the title you will need to provide a Letter of Permission form the side which holds the lien;
  2. Military or Government ID is, of course, one of the most important items which basically provides you with the shipping vehicles military discount and all the benefits we were talking about above. In most cases an ordinary copy is enough for providing at the borders;
  3. In case of the family movement and if the car is registered on the spouse’s name, you will also need to provide the evidence of the marriage. Sometimes your car can be registered on some other name (for example, relatives), here is a little bit different document is needed – Power of Attorney.

Most of the documents required from your side should be provided in a copy form, the original or notarized papers are required only in some particular cases. Also, you should be ready for any additional requirements, and that is the main reason why you need to start the process as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delay.

Shipping Your POV

Preparing the car for the transportation

Basically, preparation of the POV for the military shipping is pretty the same as for ordinary vehicle’s transportation.

First of all, you need to take out all the personal belongings as well as some extra equipment. The vehicle should look exactly like it was factory-installed. There are some small exceptions for a spare tire or car seats but these details should be discussed and approved by the carrier in advance. You should also check the fuel level – it must not be more than a quarter. It’s a standard rule (called the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations) in regards to the safety reasons.

The condition of the car is also very important as most transportation carriers are not dealing with inoperable vehicles for the delivery. Of course, there are no strict requirements that your privately owned vehicle should be in a very perfect condition but at least there should not be leaks, the brakes must work properly while all the significant problems should be reported to the carrier in advance. Sometimes your car can be delivered only after fixing the essential problem.

When talking about the vehicle’s condition, you should also make sure it’s clean, both outside and inside. It’s necessary not only to make sure there are no additional scratches and dents upon delivery and not only from the esthetic point. Your car will be checked during the transit and if there are some violations it can not pass the examination and, therefore, not allowed to export or import. This is a very important rule, and it’s better to handover the washing process to the professionals.

Besides the documentation, you will also need to provide the keys and access to all the parts of your car. You should not worry about the security of the vehicle as it’s fully a transportation company’s responsibility to deliver your vehicle in safety, but during the inspection of your car at the ports the customer officers will need to carefully check all the parts of your car. Here we are talking about the trunk, liftgate, glove box, hood and others.

As we can see, early planning in regards to the shipping vehicle across the country or overseas for military purposes is extremely important. Beside the extra time you will have for the preparation, you can also get an additional discount for the advance reservation. Many carriers, both local and international (especially international) are highly interested in early scheduling of the orders to perform them in the most efficient and, which is even more important, profitable way. So, your advance reservation will be more than appreciative from the carriers’ side.

One more interesting bonus is for the repetitive clients which is more than applicable in case of the military. If you are fully satisfied with the transportation service you get, it’s always better to choose the same company for the next time: firstly, the delivery with a familiar carrier will be less stressful, secondly, you can get a special offer. The same is if you will recommend a good transporter to the colleagues who will mention it during the deal.

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