How to find best auto shipping carriers

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How to Find Best Car Shipping Carriers

You always think that choosing a car carrier shipping isn’t a tough task right until the moment you need to find a suitable car carrier shipping company for yourself. Here comes the agony of choice. In this article we will try to help by providing a few tips on finding the right shipping car carriers and giving advice on the most reliable companies.

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What pay attention to when finding a car shipping carrier? 

First, let’s think about the criteria you need to pay attention to when choosing car carriers shipping. Undoubtedly, it should be a reliable and credible service supplier, which will ensure safe and secure transportation of your vehicle. Here are the main things to take into account:

  • Analyze the price-quality ratio. Don’t try to find the cheapest car shipping carrier, as the quality may be corresponding. You will need to carry out a little investigation in order to find a company with a quality service at an affordable price.

  • Limit your selection. Decide in advance what type of shipping you want to get. Shall it be an open carrier car shipping or an enclosed one?

  • Find information about the company’s registration. Never trust any registration document without checking it yourself. Two things you need to pay attention to are MC and US-DOT numbers — they will show whether the service supplier is registered in the United States Department of Transportation database.

  • See car shipping carriers review. If the company has a good reputation, its customers will not spare good words and compliments to it. Read some reviews about the services rendered, their quality and the main customer approach. Customer service ratings will help you make up your mind.

  • Visit the company’s official website. As a rule, reputable car shipping carriers take care of their brand and image. So the better your first impression is, the more chances the company will have.

As soon as you have chosen the one and only car carrier shipping that meets your requirements, request a quote. Then get in touch with the company’s representative. The way they deal with their customers can tell you a lot of information. You will immediately feel what shipping car carriers are really interested in giving you a hand, and whose main aim is only to make money.

National Dispatch car carrier

Top-5 car shipping carriers in US       

Now let us look closer at the main shipping car carriers that have already gained popularity thanks to availability, reasonable average costs and credibility. 


People choose AmeriFreght for its availability (it ships all over the country) and tempting discounts. Open carrier car shipping from New York to California will cost you about $900 for a sedan and around $1,000 for a truck. You can also take extra insurance if needed. If suddenly you decide to turn down the offer of the car shipping carrier, you do not risk losing money or paying a fine. 

Bargain Auto Transport

The company has a reasonable pricing policy, as they try to meet your preferences and your price. Another advantage is that this car carrier shipping can move vehicles which are out of order. Bargain Auto Transport is not a carrier but a broker, so you will have to pay additional fees, but taking into account that the company adjusts to your price point, so this is a real bargain.

Ship a Car Direct

This is another broker ready to help you move your car. This company has a very high customer shipping carriers review rate. The credibility is thanks to a damage-free guarantee on shipping. Ship a Car Direct provides its clients with full protection against damage during the transportation.

Intercity Lines

This car carrier shipping company is the best for enclosed transport. It has all the necessary equipment for protected transportation of your vehicles. Intercity Lines offers good insurance conditions. However, it’s pricier than other car shipping carriers. What is more, the company takes additional fees for extra protection of your vehicle. 

Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship is perhaps the best broker in terms of extra benefits, like washing your car in case it arrives dirty, providing compensation for force majeure circumstances, and many more. This car carriers shipping has both open and enclosed transportation options, and it can work with standard and classic and antique cars.  

These are only a few shipping car carriers that have gained trust and respect in the US. However, you can get quotes from several companies and compare them in order to select the one which offers the most beneficial conditions and the best price-quality ratio. Make sure you have taken into account all the factors mentioned in the article, such as the pricing policy, type of the carrier, registration documents, car shipping carriers review credibility and specifics of work. 

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