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Best American transport car companies

Choosing the best is always not so easy. Moreover, the best today can easily lose its points tomorrow. That is why there is a high importance of the regular updates, and that is why every year you can find new lists of the best car transporting companies. The process of choosing is based on two aspects – opinions of the specialists in the transportation industry and, of course, car transport companies’ reviews. The first one provides us with a professional point of view while reviews give a more practical approach.

Instead of googling “car transporting companies near me”, you can just have a look at the following examples. Here we also underlined the main advantages of every company so even if you would prefer to choose some other carrier, at least you will know what aspects require your special attention and consideration.

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Best car transport companies

There are a lot of criteria which help to choose really good and reliable car transport companies. Among the most important we would mention price, customer-service quality, variety of services provided, insurance policy, license, availability across the country, transparency of the performance, background of the transportation company and many others. You should not consider them one by one – we checked it for you among more than 30 famous transporters in the USA.

  1. Montway Auto Transport. This transportation company is standing out with its personalized variety of options. Everyone, starting from the luxury fleet of car owners to the student with a very limited budget, will find here an appropriate option to deliver a car from point A to point B. In regards to these points, Montway offers an all-the-states coverage. Meaning, even if you need to transport your car to Hawaii or from Alaska, you can arrange it with this company.

    Payment police of Montway Auto Transport is also pretty distinguishing in comparison with most other carriers. Traditionally you will be asked to pay in cask (as all the truck drivers prefer cash), but for some people it’s not a very convenient option. Here you can choose to pay online with your credit card or even to make a deposit with a credit card while the biggest part of the sum you can pay to the driver directly. You just need to be aware of a better discount in case if the cash is involved in the payment process.
    To make the whole transportation process smoother and more predictable, this transportation company provides the customers with a guaranteed pick-up date so you can plan your day accordingly. It can sound pretty ordinary and logical, but most competitors do not provide this service and give you a couple of days' pick-up window (sometimes up to a week) so you need to make sure you or someone is at home to deal with the procedure. Additionally, Montway allows the clients to choose an expedited delivery service when your car will be delivered to the final destination within 48 or even 24 hours.
    You should understand that Montway Auto Transport itself is not a carrier and cannot be responsible for all the issues, but according to the feedback of the customers they are more than happy about how this transportation company arranges the process and which carriers it deals with.

  2. SGT Auto Transport. It’s among the cheapest car transport companies in the industry. In comparison with others, it can look not so experienced as it started the business only in 2014, but during these years it did a truly great job with a lot of satisfied clients. This company has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and has a special license from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Among cheap car transport companies, SGT Auto Transport have a great customer support which can be proved by the following examples:
    • 24/7 support. You can be sure to get a reply even during weekends and holidays. The transporter understands that the process of the car’s delivery can be pretty stressful for the owner as in most cases a car is the second largest investment of the family. You can always check the location of your car and be informed about any changes in a timely manner;
    • The company is pretty big, and beside a great sales team there are some special departments aimed to help you on all the stages of the delivery process. Dispatch, Support and Claim teams’ members will be always at hand to answer any of your questions and to perform the transportation process in the most efficient way;
    • Personalized service. Here we are talking not only about the approach to every particular customer but also about a tailored service in regards to every particular car. As we know, some of them may require slightly more attention. For example, classic, exotic and sports cars. As an owner, you can be sure that the driver and the personnel will take care of your car on the whole way. Additionally, in case you have some extra requirements, they almost always can be fulfilled;
    • Great insurance policy. Companies that transport cars for cheap usually provide a very basic insurance and in some cases, you need to make an effort and to arrange some additional one. In case of SGT Auto Transport your car is getting a very fair and full insurance coverage;
    • Transparency. Working with this transporter you can be sure that there are no hidden expenses you will need to pay upon delivery. You will get a so-called “all-inclusive quote” with all possible expenses included (unless you will wish to add some extra service).

      The only disadvantage you may face here is an absence of terminal-to-terminal delivery which is actually not that common and popular among the cars’ owners.

  3. Zoom Auto Transport. Not all the best car transporting companies can provide such a full range of services as Zoom. Firstly, you can enjoy the benefits of damage-free guarantee. It’s not the same as a traditional insurance (which is also included in the price) and provides you with extra protection from any possible damages occurred on the way. In case of some small damages the carrier itself will reject to cover; you can get up to 500 dollars refund from Zoom Auto Transport company. As in case of any transportation broker, you need to remember that it cannot be responsible for every carrier.
  4. US Auto Shipping. If you search for “car transport companies near me”, there is a great chance that you will find a US Auto Shipping company. It works not only within the United States but also for the international delivery of the vehicles. With such a vast network of the carriers you can find an appropriate transporter for your route and dates much faster. The customer satisfaction rate is really high which is one more evidence of its great-quality service.
  5. uShip Auto Transport. It’s a very interesting example of the transportation platform with a full range of the carriers you can choose from. It’s a great tool to get a better understanding of the different transporters’ offers and to compare the services provided. You will see that sometimes a higher price is caused by extra insurance included and some other additional conditions of the delivery. One more important benefit is that here you can find a service for delivery not only for your car but also for various other vehicles. Boats, motorcycles, motorhomes, trailers and many others. Moreover, you can even arrange transportation of your belongings together with a car with assistance from some moving companies. This feature is extremely important for those who are moving to a new house in another state (or even a country). Making a search, you will act as your own personal broker as you will choose the most appropriate deal for yourself.

Checking reviews of car transport companies is always a good idea. And it’s also highly important that after getting your car delivered you share your experience with this particular transportation company with others to make the whole sphere sounder and more efficient.

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