Cost of transporting cars interstate

Cost of transporting a car interstate

Often people who plan to move to another state ask themselves the question about the cost of transporting a car interstate. In this article we will look at how to best organize the delivery of your car in a specific situation, taking into account the cost.

The influence of distance on the interstate car transport cost.

Everyone knows that the cost of delivery depends directly on the distance traveled when transporting goods. The average cost per 100 miles is about $50. Each carrier has its own cost of car delivery, depending on the place of departure and destination. In the case of loading a car in a place far from busy communication routes, many carriers require an increased payment. When you are just going to move to a neighboring state, it is better to drive the car yourself without transporting it. And if it is necessary to travel through several states for a long distance in half the country, or all over the country, then the cost of fuel and depreciation of a car during self-driving can exceed the cost to transport car interstate by road carrier. Therefore, you need to compare everything and choose the right option.

What is the cost of sending a car transport interstate cost?

Many factors affect the cost to transport a car across the country, but on average the cost of transporting car interstate ranges from $600 to $1000 for the delivery of a standard sedan, and for a minibus, SUV and pickup truck, prices range from $800 to $1,070. These prices apply to routes from California to New York. If you move out of season, for example in winter, you can get the delivery price at the lower limit of the specified ranges. In summer, during the most active transport, the cost can reach its maximum value.

Here are some other factors that can affect the final prices for car transportation:

If the car is heavy and has large dimensions, the shipping cost will be high compared to standard dimensions and weight;
With a long delivery route, the costs of driver work, fuel and tolls rise up, so the total delivery costs will be higher;
When transporting expensive cars of well-known brands, more special attention is required in their maintenance, so that their owners have to bear considerable expenses;
During the hot season of road transport, that is to say mainly in summer, with a growing demand for the services of transport companies, the cost of transporting cars interstate will be much more expensive than shipping it in winter ;
The price depends on the type of transport, especially when choosing an open or enclosed truck trailer.
There may also be additional payments in the form of insurance, as this is important for road carriers that are officially operated. However, when delivering an expensive car, standard cargo insurance may not cover all possible risks along the way. Therefore, you should check everything in your car insurance policy and if it does not cover a long distance traveling, then you can issue an extra insurance policy for all risks upon delivery.

Possible pricing when shipping a car.

Shipping a carWhat is the cost of car delivery services? Everything should be calculated in advance, based on your case for shipment, the operating system and individual preferences. For example, you need to ship a regular Toyota Camry sedan from Washington DC to Denver, Colorado. With a distance of about 1,660 miles, the average fare for basic haulage can range from $850 to $1,000, depending on the following transit conditions:
When fast carriage is needed, the price can rise up to the level of $1050-1200;
If the shipment is made during a hot season for movement in summer, a car transport interstate cost will increase up to $1050-1150;
When shipped in an enclosed trailer, the interstate car transport costs will be about $1300-1400.
For such a vehicle, the cheapest option would be the one in an open air truck together with a terminal delivery service with a flexible pick-up and drop-off schedule. On average, the estimated cost to transport a car interstate for a sedan is within the range of 600 to 1000 dollars, while for SUVs and minibuses it is in the range of $1100-1200.
Road transport market research enables us to determine that this or that freight company is a reliable participant in the transport services market and they offer the best rates for the selected type of transport. It is known that the choice of a very low cost often does not provide the required quality of services, and different machines have their own delivery methods. However, it would be better to consider all the details of this process and work with reputable companies when organizing the trucking of your car. When the need arises to ensure the safe car moving and its timely arrival at its destination, then you have to bear higher costs for your own peace of mind. This way, your car will be delivered effortlessly.

The cost of delivering a car to a dealer.

It costs about $1 per mile to ship your car from a dealer's salon up to 500 miles. So, a 300 mile route would cost around $300. For more distance, the price drops, which means moving the car about 1,000 miles will cost 0.75 cents per mile and $750. Dealer delivery prices are influenced by vehicle size and weight, location, season of transport and availability of fast delivery. The latter adds 30% to the price. Transportation in open trucks with a load from 7 to 10 vehicles is quite suitable for 80% of purchased vehicles, both new and used ones. For vehicles with a value exceeding $70,000, it is advisable to use enclosed trailer delivery. Such trucks can be loaded from 2 to 6 cars, and the delivery cost increases by 40-60%. But it allows their owners to sleep peacefully without worrying about their iron friends. In a situation with luxury cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche, this is perhaps the most suitable mode of carriage.
So, when the delivery of the purchased car is arranged for the buyer or dealer, everyone wants to get the lowest possible price. However, it is important to reasonably assess the ratio of the cost of a car and its shipment to obtain optimum service, taking into account some individual parameters of each vehicle.

Tips on the lowest cost of car transport interstate.

To reduce the cost of shipping your vehicle, it is best to use an open trailer delivery service. The delivery cost is also lower in the fall and winter periods. There are discounts for certain categories of citizens, such as the military and pensioners. For military personnel, many freight companies offer significant benefits in terms of pricing and shipping conditions as a sign of gratitude for serving our country. With an increase in the distance of auto carriage, the price of 1 mile decreases, which should undoubtedly be taken into account when planning the shipment of a car.
When there is an urgent need to save time on transporting the car, you should resort to express transport services. But at the same time, the price will rise, taking into account the shortened terms of service. As a result, you have to spend a lot of time getting the lowest shipping cost.

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