Best car used websites in the US

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Choosing the best car used websites in the U.S.

Not everybody can afford to buy a new car. The same time some of us from time to time have a necessity to sell our used car to be able to buy another one. For these purposes there are a lot of opportunities nowadays to make such deals. Here we will cover the best websites for used cars which you can consider both for the purpose of the selling or buying a vehicle.



It can be considered as the best web site for used cars with overall value. Here the disadvantages are definitely in balance with all the benefits provided. The roots of the history are going to 1997 so we can say that during more than 20 years this cars’ seller did a great job in achieving and keeping its reputation on a high level.

The website configuration is very easy to use, especially in regards to the advanced filters which will help you to find an appropriate offer in the shortest period of time. The list of the offers is really exciting and you can find here both the cheap cars for everyday use or the unique and rare variants for the collectors.

The main disadvantages to mention are connected mostly with the sellers, not buyers. For example, to make your advertisement posted on AutoTrader website you will need to pay up to 90 USD depending on the particular offer and its position on the list.



If you are a classic car’s lover and collector, Hemmings can definitely become for you the best website for used cars of this type. You can find here more than 20,000 advertisements and offers in regards to the cars of 1930-1980th. This resource is also very helpful for those who just started to be involved in the classic cars’ collecting and provide with some tips and advice aside with news and interesting articles.  

What concerns the sellers of the classic cars, here as a common requirement they need to buy a package which fits them more (starting from 99.95 USD) with the only restriction that the advertisement cannot be posted for more than six months.


Cars Direct

Like the mentioned above AutoTransport company, CarsDirect also started to be involved in the selling of the cars process in 1997, and a year later appeared one of the famous examples of the best web site for used cars. The main distinguishing feature here is the easiest and the friendliest interface which will be a very helpful tool for every user. Moreover, this site can become a great source of the important information and news in the transportation industry and also acts as a news portal.

The search engine is pretty simple but provides you with an easy way to narrow the criteria. You can also find the opportunity to apply for the loan directly on the website (both low-credit and no-credit ones). In regards to the location of the potential buyer this website is also very comfortable with the only restriction that it shows the dealers only and not the private sellers.

One more weakness of this website is that you need to be careful with prices as sometimes they are not updated in time which can cause some inconvenience.  

Cars & Bids


If you know what an auction is, you will have an idea how Cars & Bids works. Among the most important restrictions – there are only cars from 1980th and later available and no financial options.

This option is pretty safe for the both sides of the deal thanks to the easy and transparent processes. Also, you will not need to wait for a long to sell or buy the car as this website is pretty popular among American drivers. With a good offer you will quickly find an appropriate seller or buyer.


Auto Tempest

For those who cannot make a choice without comparing different deals and visual reflection of all the advantages and disadvantages of each particular deal, we can recommend AutoTempest. It’s kind of a platform which combines the results from various websites which will let you be sure you are getting the best possible deal.

Usually, here you have quite a limited and simple search engine and there is no possibility to make a purchase directly on the platform. So basically, AutoTempest can be considered as a tool to find out which website or dealer can give you the best price for a particular option you are interested in.



This is one of the recently added players in this sphere which is deservedly considered as the best website for the used car for mobile devices. Of course, the interface is much easier and there are no additional options like placing an advertisement or choosing among the financial tools. But this website is a great and the most convenient opportunity to search for a used car to buy while being at work or wherever with access to the mobile phone or tablet only.

Which is interesting, only from 2020 the cars’ owners got the opportunity to sell their cars through this platform aside from the traditional dealers which significantly expanded the price range for the buyers.



In case you are looking for the cheapest offers possible, this website will provide you with the best options. Normally, some people are looking for the first car to practice after getting the driving license or just cannot afford to buy even a medium price vehicle. Thus, no need to have a great variety of options most of which are not applicable.

What is also interesting, CarGurus provides a free of charge advertisement policy for those who are selling the car until the moment it finds the buyer. Only after a successful deal, the seller has to pay the website some fee.

Each of the options above can be considered as the best used car website. You just need to choose the one that fits you and your requirements the most.

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