Common quotes to transport a car in 2021

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Common quotes to transport a car in 2021

If you are planning to arrange shipping of the car to another city or even state across the country, you definitely will need to get basic knowledge about car transporters’ quotes. Of course, they are different from company to company and depend on many factors, but it’s always useful to know the basic information not to be cheated with the final price.

To get a better understanding we will consider the most famous and popular transportation companies and their own shipping quotes for auto.

But before it’s useful to know the average rate of the industry itself. Depending on the particular type of the transportation we can consider auto shipping quotes for open or enclosed transport. In the first case nowadays it’s 710 USD, while the enclosed transportation stands at 1,120 USD.

Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship

Here we can speak about one of the lowest auto transportation quotes in the sphere which attracts a lot of potential clients and customers. Normally, the cost for a car’s delivery is lower than competitors and will cost you 700 USD and 980 USD accordingly. Such significant (especially in case of the enclosed transportation) difference is caused by a little experience and not so huge clients’ network of the company as it’s pretty new in the industry. If you feel fine about these details, besides the low auto transport quote you will get quite a fast delivery and a great customer service which already created a good reputation for Easy Auto Ship.

Montway Auto Transport

logo montway

Here you may also expect lower transport auto quotes, especially in regards to the enclosed delivery (the difference is about 140 USD). Other benefits the clients can get include guaranteed dates for pick up (which is quite an unusual feature in the transportation industry), variety of the destinations provided (including such remote states as Hawaii and Alaska), extra insurance which will cover much more cases and give you more security and some others. Also, disadvantages must be taken into consideration not to give you the wrong image of the company. Most clients are mentioning pretty slow delivery and absence of the track system. Overall, this transportation company is indeed reliable and safe to choose.

Bargain Auto Transport

Bargain logo

In comparison with other transportation services’ providers, Bargain Auto Transport is mostly a database of different trustworthy carriers. So, depending on the particular routes and dates you may choose the best offer or to compare a few of them in regards to the details of the delivery. That is how its quote is easy to find the best auto shipping quote. But to get advantages of this online platform every client needs to pay a 100 USD listing fee. Regardless this fact the company has a great number of positive feedbacks and regular customers which is underlying its great service.

Sherpa Auto Transport

logo sherpa auto transport

The most attractive feature of this transportation company is not even the price but the guarantee. In comparison with the overwhelming majority of the competitors, Sherpa Auto Transport provides a non-changeable quota. This means, regardless of any unexpected circumstances like the necessity to change the route or the worse weather conditions, the final price will not be changed. It can save you a lot of money as it’s quite a common practice that the price you pay upon delivery is slightly (sometimes pretty significantly) higher than the agreed one because of some urgent and unexpected issues. For example, if there are construction works on the road and the driver must change the route, extra fuel consumption will be added to the price.

Additionally, Sherpa is famous for its great customer service so in case of any additional requests or wishes you will most probably be satisfied.


From the first sight, the quotas of this company are slightly higher than of other car movers which makes it not so attractive. But it’s only from the first sight. Almost on a daily basis you may find a lot of special offers and discounts depending on the routes and particular dates. In this regard, a regular check will help you to find the better deal which may save you a couple of hundreds of dollars. You just need to quickly react as such offers have quite a limited period of validity.

What is also important is that this transportation services’ provider covers 50 states which makes its availability almost 100 % full. If to add an overwhelming majority of the positive reviews from happy customers, AmeriFreight definitely deserves your attention.

A transportation quota is obviously an important part of making a choice of the carrier for your car’s delivery. But you always should attentively go through the contract and the insurance policy as it may occur that there are some hidden expenses you are not considering. The company’s reputation is also pretty essential as too low price is suspicious and may mean poor condition of the transportation itself. Reading the most recent feedbacks will help you to make the right choice and not to regret. Sometimes the difference in a few hundreds of dollars can become a 100 % difference in service provided.

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