Famous vehicle shipping companies

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Famous vehicle shipping companies of the USA

If you are choosing a transporter for your car, we can provide you with the list of the most popular shipping companies for vehicles which can provide a full range of services for pretty an adequate price. Now it will be less difficult for you to make the right choice depending on your particular requirements and requests.


If you combine all the advantages and disadvantages, this vehicle shipping company can provide a kind of balance. Among the main benefits you will get a great availability including 50 states, payment only after acceptance of the offer, various types of the delivery and high-quality service. If you possess a valuable car and would like to protect it from any possible damage, you can apply for the special AFta Plan insurance meaning you will not have to search for some extra insurance on the side. But you need to be ready to pay a little bit higher quota in comparison with the average on the market.

Montway Auto Transport

This is a great tool for those who are living in Alaska and Hawaii as far not every carrier can cover such remote destinations. The only restriction in this regard is that the car should be already on the West Coast to be delivered to Hawaii. Beside that you will also get pretty good insurance and the ability to have access to the instant online quotas.

Intercity Lines

If you are interested exactly in the shipping company for vehicles with enclosed transportation, this is the best option for you. Especially this carrier is popular in case you need to deliver the car from the auto salon or the seller. Here you can be assured that you will receive your new vehicle in the safest way looking as it was just picked up from the exhibition. For such a tailored service you will need to pay a little bit more, but it’s definitely worth it.


This is not a carrier itself but a great opportunity to find and to choose the most appropriate transporter with a better price. On this marketplace you can find dozens of offers for different dates for your particular destinations and therefore to choose the best one. On the other hand, you should carefully check the contract you sign as UShip on its own is not in charge of the carriers’ behavior. It’s always better to double check the reviews for the particular company.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Here we need to underline that not always a vehicle shipping company’s quota is unchangeable. The fuel price can rise as well as some construction works can force the driver to change the route at the last moment which will cause additional expenses. If you wish to protect yourself from such additional charges, you should apply for a guaranteed quota at Sherpa Auto Transport. It’s one of a few companies which provide this kind of service. And despite that this quota is slightly higher than a traditional one, you will be fully protected.

Car Shipping Company

Horseless Carriage

This is a very specific company which will be more interesting for the exotic, sports and classic cars’ owners. Such a narrow specialization guarantees you a great and personalized service. Additional protection and extra care on the way as well as availability of the tracking system made this company one of the most reliable for the collectors. Additionally, if you will become a regular customer for the company, you will get a much more attractive price which is essential for those who get used to bringing the unique cars for different shows and exhibitions.

Ship a Car Direct

If you are looking for a good broker with a huge list of the carriers, Ship a Car Direct is what you need. As a bonus, whatever transportation company you will choose through this source, you will get a complimentary damage-free guarantee. The only problem you may face in this example is not a very easy-to-use website. In case of any difficulties, you can apply for an online consultation which is definitely a useful tool for research.

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