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Differentiation of free car transport quotes

Today you don’t need to spend a lot of time visiting various offices of the transportation companies or making dozens of calls. Everything you need to know is already on their websites, luckily access to the Internet today is not a problem. There are even mobile versions of such websites to allow you to make a research while you are at work or on the way. Beside the information about particular services such transportation companies provide, you can also get a car transport free quote online.  

How to get a quote

At this stage, when just visiting a transporter’s website, you can become interested in the service provided. You can make a booking, contact the representative or just get a free quote for car transport to compare it with other offers. There is no payment or private information required, at least unless you decide to sign an official contract.

Different websites have different looks, but in regards to online-calculators they are pretty the same. With this calculator you can get an appropriate price for your particular case. Sometimes you can get the result the same moment directly on the website, in other cases you need to leave your phone number and/or email and the transportation company’s representative will give you the details. While the first option is much faster and does not require any additional contact information from your side, the phone and email contact are more personalized and provide you with a more accurate preliminary free car transport quote.

There are a couple of details you need to provide therefore:

  • First of all, it’s the pick-up and drop-off spots. It’s important that here you don’t need to provide a full address (again, for safety reasons) – only the cities. Sometimes just zip codes are enough to calculate an approximate car transport quick quote. Of course, depending on the particular mileage this preliminary price can be adjusted but at least you will get an idea of how much you should expect to pay. Here we should underline one important detail – the distance is not the main point in regards to the final price. The particular location of the pick-up and drop-off points also plays an important role. Thus, for the same distance between big cities and within a rural area in the second case you most probably will need to pay slightly more. The reason for that is that in this case your destination will be beyond the main route of the truck’s driver and he will need to make a loop (sometimes a significant one) only for your particular order. That is why you will need to cover the fuel consumption for this loop. The only way to avoid such additional expenses is to find someone in your district who is interested in the car’s transportation or to discuss with the carrier possible changes of the dates when there are some other orders in your region. International car transport quote can be significantly higher even if the actual distance is not that big. In case of such difficult deliveries, you should consider all additional paperwork and import/export procedures the carrier will need to arrange on your behalf;
  • Information about the car. Again, no license plate number or some personal details are required here. You just need to insert the year, the make and the model of your car. Some online calculators also require you to choose the type of the car (sedan, minivan, SUV etc.). Here you can also face some additional payments appearing at the later stages. The calculator considers that your car looks exactly like it should be when released from the factory, but you could make some improvements or adjustments. All of this can essentially affect the main parameters of the vehicle (weight, length and others). That is why you should inform the transportation company’s representative about any changes you have made to your car. Otherwise, it can occur that of some additional inches or pounds your vehicle does not fit the car. And even if physically it does, there can be some requirements and governmental laws in regards to the limitation. Even if you think the adjustments are not essential, to avoid any inconvenience and delay you should better let the carrier know about them;
  • Condition of the car. Car transport free quotes for operable and inoperable cars can significantly vary. If you have a chance to fix essential breaking of your vehicle prior to the transportation process, you should better do it. At least in regards to the brakes system, steering wheel and other important parts of the car. It can be quite challenging to find a professional transportation company which will agree to deal with a very problematic car as it will require a lot of additional and expensive equipment to load and download the car. Some small damages are not very essential for this purpose. In regards to the appearance of the car, it’s always recommended to make pictures of its surface to make sure there are no additional scratches and dents upon arrival. That is why your car should be not only operable but also clean;
  • Type of the transportation. You can choose terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door service. The first one is cheaper but most car’s owners usually prefer more convenient and less time-consuming door-to-door service. At this stage, without a particular address, this choice will not significantly affect the preliminary quote but at least the transportation company will know your preferences. Here is one more important type of the transportation for your choice which we will disclose below.

Different options

All the points mentioned above are important, but there is one that can significantly change the price.

busy highway trucks

All the lowest prices you can get are calculated for open transportation. Your car in this case will be placed onto a special open-air platform with a few tiers. This is a great option for those who possess pretty used cars and don’t really think about the look of the cur upon arrival. But you need to understand that a cheap open car transport quote includes a dust and dirty surface of your car upon arrival as during the whole way it will be affected by weather and environmental influences while birds and insects also will add some negative results. Luckily, some companies provide a complimentary washing service upon delivery.

If you are planning to arrange a delivery of your new car from the salon in another state or if you need to transport your expensive and rare sports car to the exhibition, you should be ready to pay extra for the enclosed car transport quote. The difference can reach up to 60 percent in comparison with the open quote. In turn you will get a much more personalized and secure service of the car’s delivery. Your vehicle will be placed inside the special trailer along with just a couple of other cars (maximum capacity in this case is just 7 cars). Therefore, on the way your car will get much more attention from the driver and will be protected not only from possible rain and snow but also from the vandalism threat. Enclosed car transport quotes are also a point of interest for those who have a low-ground-clearance car as because of such a specialty it’s not possible to load such cars onto an open platform.

When you get a quote, you should check at least a couple of offers from different companies and figure out the reason for the differences. Sometimes they can be caused by some additional services you may be interested in.

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