Diversity of the cars shipping services

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Diversity of the car shipping services

When talking about the transportation industry and particular companies, it can be quite difficult to find the best car shipping service as what is the most important for one car’s owner does not play that essential part for another. Therefore, the idea of the best transportation is pretty subjective.

On the other hand, there are still some main points to take into account when choosing if to deal with one car shipping company and not with another. Here we will underline the main advantages of some very popular and common American transportation companies. And even if you will choose to work with another one, at least you will know what the details to check.


Variation to choose from

Different transportation companies provide distinguishing shipping car services so you as an owner of the particular vehicle with your own requests and demands will need to choose which delivery fits you the most. Basically, all the car shipping services can be divided into the following categories:

  • Standard shipping the car. Traditionally in the United States we are talking about the more common and cheaper open transportation when the vehicle is being placed in the special open-framed platform. This way is very popular if the necessity to deliver the car fast and the value of the car itself is not too high. Of course, it does not mean that the open transportation is less safe as nowadays every transportation company is very carefully considering its reputation and, therefore, trying to provide the clients with the best car shipping services possible. The issue is that when being transported via the open truck, your car will definitely be affected by some undesirable environmental conditions like dust, rain, snow and others depending on the climate and the length of the car shipping service. Normally, the cars arriving are covered by some dirt and you will need to make sure it’s washed and checked properly after the delivery to make sure you are eligible for the insurance coverage in case of some damages caused. It’s not a very common situation, but it’s always to be fully prepared and protected;
  • Enclosed delivery. This method will help you to have a much less stressful day as you will be sure that your vehicle is placed inside the truck or trailer and, therefore, is protected not only from the external influence but also from the people. Unfortunately, acts of vandalism can still have place to be, especially if we are talking about a really long-distance trip when your car will cover thousands of miles. Of course, this method is perfect for every car’s owner, but not everybody can afford it. The deal is that the cost of the enclosed shipping car service can be higher than the basic one for more than 50 percent. And if we are talking about the across-the-country transportation, this can lead to hundreds of dollars extra. Therefore, most people consider this opportunity to transport the car in the safest way if the value of the car itself is more than 100,000 dollars. Of course, in both cases you as a client will also get an appropriate insurance for the possible damage during the service, but in case of such expensive cars it’s always easier and better to arrange the safest delivery possible;
  • Exclusive service of shipping for car. If you have an exotic, rare, classic, sports or any other extremely expensive vehicle, most probably you will require a special service. In many cases, the owners of such cars need to transport them from one exhibition directly to another one and, therefore, they cannot afford the car to be affected by any conditions. Such a personalized service from the driver side can lead to a much higher price of the service. In some cases, the clients of the transportation company even ask for the single-car transportation. Meaning all the costs of the service will lay exclusively on the car’s owner. One of the examples of the transportation company that dealing with such requests is Horseless Carriage which is very popular exactly within the cars’ collectors across the United States;
  • Additional services. Besides the transportation service itself, some companies can offer you something extra which will make the whole deal more profitable and attractive for you. Thus, some transporters provide a complimentary wash service upon the car’s delivery. This is extremely essential in case of the open delivery, that is how you can immediately find out if the condition of the car is the same as it was before the transportation. Otherwise, later it can be quite difficult and challenging to prove to the insurance company that some particular scratch or the dent was caused during the transportation service. Another example is additional insurance coverage. It is a rule that the transportation company provides its client with the basic insurance at least (nowadays it’s 75,000 dollars) but as it was said, some cars can have a much higher value. It is always essential to check the policy with the carrier and to add the additional coverage if needed. Moreover, transportation brokers usually provide their clients with the additional damage-free guarantee which will make the whole process more secure. Finally, you may be interested in the possibility of delivering your car with some packages inside – some transporters even provide the service of the pet’s transportation inside the car. You can always check with the transportation service’s providers if your special request can be fulfilled. Considering the high competition, most probably you will get what you want.

It’s quite essential to carefully check any contract you are signing, especially in the case of the transport broker and the carrier. Even the most reliable and famous broker cannot be in charge of the delivery conditions of the car, especially after you have already signed the contract. That is why the insurance policy is one of the very first things you need to go through to make sure the value of your vehicle is protected, even while accidents with the professional transportation companies are very rare.

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