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What to Think about When Transporting Auto

Transporting auto can become a troublesome experience if you have never had any relation to it. There are so many things to bear in mind and so many points in the check-up lists. We have prepared a small guideline on the issues that you should take into consideration when doing auto transport.

What to do before auto transporting? 

If you think that your troubles will end as soon as you find a reliable auto transporter, you are mistaken. One of the most important stages in the car shipping process will start - you need to prepare properly for the transportation. Are you sure you know what to do? If not, check the list below.

  1. Check the fuel. It’s recommended to leave no more than ¼ fuel tank full. See if there are any leakages and fix them.
  2. Make sure that there is enough engine oil and coolant in order to prevent unexpected mechanical damage. 
  3. Disable your alarm system. If your anti-theft system goes off unexpectedly, it may cause certain inconveniences to the autos transporter driver. 
  4. Check the battery levels of the vehicle. Auto transports need to drive your car on and off the carrier, so make sure that the vehicle easily starts up.
  5. Empty the vehicle. Most auto transporters don't allow packing the vehicle with personal belongings during the shipping. Firstly, they do not bear any responsibility for the belongings and documents left inside the car during the transportation. Secondly, shipping insurance doesn’t cover the thing you leave inside the car. And finally, large and heavy items left inside the vehicle may do hard to your car during the shipping.
  6. Make extra keys. You will need to give one set of keys to the driver. It’s a good idea to leave one spare set of keys just in case the other one gets lost.
  7. Examine the vehicle for damage before the pickup. Take photos of the car from the outside and from the inside. This will be helpful in case of any disputable issues about the vehicle’s condition upon the delivery. Only when you have some proof of the vehicle’s condition before the shipping, can you count on proper compensation according to the chosen auto transport insurance plan.      

What to do after auto transporting?

  1. Don’t hurry up to sign the bill of lading as soon as you receive your vehicle. Firstly, check the car for damage. Some auto transporters give their customers up to 48 hours to claim damage. This is especially useful when the vehicle is delivered at night when it’s dark, and you have no possibility to examine the condition of the car properly.
  2. Make sure that all the electronic systems of the car work well. Transporting autos is a rather complex deal and anything can happen during the process.
  3. If you detect any damage, compare it with your ‘before’ photos. When you make sure that the damage detected had been caused during the shipping, let the auto transporter know about it and provide your photos as a confirmation.
  4. Carry out a small test drive of the car to make sure that it runs as before. 

What to do if any damage has been detected? 

Unfortunately, not all auto transports are able to deliver the vehicle in the condition that it was left by the owner. There are some cases when damage is detected upon the delivery. You need to know how to act in such cases.

  • Firstly, take a photo of the damage you have found on the car upon the drop off.

  • Make sure that the auto transporter’s representative is present during the inspection, and that he or she has documented the fact of damage in the bill of lading.

  • The driver transporting auto or the company’s representative should sign the inspection papers in your presence.

  • Take your car to a mechanic to estimate the damage caused. Ask him to provide a written quotation of the ‘after’ condition of the car.

  • Provide the autos transporter with the quotation and ask for repair compensation.

  • Don’t forget to attach photos or other necessary papers. 

Choosing the right company transporting autos 

vehicle transportersOne of the most important steps to successful auto transporting is choosing the right company shipping cars. The list below will help you find a reliable and trustworthy shipper, which won’t let you down.

  • Search for companies providing instant online auto transport, in this way you will be able to compare several offers and choose the most reasonable pricing.

  • Talk with the company’s representatives in order to find customer-oriented and personalized service.

  • Ask for discounts if any.

  • Select auto transports which don’t take any deposits until the carrier is assigned.

  • Work only with insured auto transporters, which are registered and licensed.

  • Look for flexible services and secure carriers.

  • The larger the company is and the more experience it has, the better.

  • Don’t forget to check customer reviews and testimonials before making a deal.

We hope that all the information provided above will be handy for you when it comes to transporting autos from one state to another. In any case, remember that your preferences and available budget are the main determiners of choosing the shipper.

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