All the specific features of armored transport vehicles

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Everything you need to know about armored vehicle transport

Armored transport vehicles are becoming more and more popular on the streets, regardless of their name. In many cases, you can see them on some governmental infrastructures like banks or retail companies. Their main function is to protect all the valuables that are being delivered, including money, jewelry and other valuables. Therefore, the main specialty of such vans and trucks is the ability to withstand bullets and other effects from the potential robbers.

But today you can also see a more personalized light armored transport vehicle that people use for daily usage. It’s not surprising considering all the benefits you as an owner will get with this type of the truck.

Here we will consider the most common types of these vehicles and their specific features.


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A personnal armored transport vehicle is a great option for those who are worried about their safety and security. Besides the standard bullet-protection, you will get a vehicle that is able to go through very difficult routes and broken roads without any risk for the driver and the passengers. The great variety of the vehicles you can meet in this sphere will allow you to choose between sedans, vans, SUVs and all other modern variations of the vehicles.

Of course, to use such a vehicle in the city you as an owner will need special permissions from the local forces. But as soon as according to your duties you have pretty risky duties, it’s the responsibility of your manager to provide you with such an option.

Cash transit

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In modern realities it is a pretty common issue when the money needs to be transported from one place to another. Especially if we are talking about the retail and bank systems. And the sum of money can be indeed very huge and, therefore, attract robbers and criminals. Of course, the safety of such a type of cargo depends a lot on the drivers and the personnel, but the truck itself should be able to provide appropriate protection.

Roof protection and blast protection are probably the most important features of this armored transport vehicle, especially considering the modern technologies the potential criminals can use to access the valuable cargo in the truck. The door overlap protection will help to cover the main entrance to the trailer so while driving a vehicle you will not need to worry about the additional security measures. Every armored vehicle transport company is trying to add some additional features to their production. Thus, you can meet models with upgraded suspension systems and run-flat tire systems. All of them have the main purpose to provide a maximum protection for the car and to make it almost invulnerable.

Normally, when talking about the cash transit, the vehicle should provide a seat not only for the driver but also for the security of guardians. The driver's main duty in this case is to drive the vehicle in the most secure way while the guards should be watchful. One more important task for them is to make the whole process of loading and unloading of the goods, money and valuable materials as soon as possible. Obviously, there is a much higher risk for the bags to be stolen on the way to the armored vehicle than if it is already inside and hidden.

Law enforcement

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Chevrolet, Copperhead, Hummer, Terrier, Ford, BATT, SWAT Suburban – these are just a few of the examples of the transportation companies that can provide you with the armored military transport vehicles.

Of course, ordering such vehicles is allowed only for the military forces and their personnel, but it’s always good to know about the possibilities.

To provide an additional protection against non-security staff access to the armored vehicle in this case, you can find various systems and technologies. For example, removing door locks can provide you and the authorized personnel with a very unique access to the car while others will not be able to open it even with some special equipment.

The alarm system in case of the armored vehicles is even more important than of more ordinary cars. Even if the vehicle is empty and does not have any valuable materials inside, the car itself has a very high value, and you should not make it easy for the potential robbers to steal it.

Used vehicles and parts

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Of course, a brand-new armored vehicle can cost you a pretty essential sum of money. But there is always an option to find a used car in a very good condition which will cost you much less. Like with everything that is linked with the used things, you need to make sure the deal is worth it. Thus, you need to make sure there is some warranty or the special insurance so you as a buyer can be sure that the used vehicle you are purchasing is a reliable vehicle for your usage.

Another deal is that you can also purchase any separate part or detail for the car you already possess. Normally, you can do it through the same company that is dealing with selling of the armored vehicles as it can be quite challenging to find it within more standard repair firms. On the websites of the producers, you can find a very easy to use form where you just need to put the information about the make, model and year of the car you have as well as the VIN number and description of the particular part you are looking for. After that you will be contacted by the company’s representative to discuss the possible options for your particular case. It’s important to know that not every time you will need to spend an essential amount of money to purchase an original detail – in many cases it can be replaced by the cheaper analogue.

One of the most common and important parts of different armored vehicles is a special light and sirens. They will help to provide the access on the streets to any roads and routes which is essential in numerous cases for the transporter. Another detail a lot of carriers request more often is a GPS navigator as modern versions are becoming more and more attractive and secure. CCTV cameras will allow you to be sure everything is recorded in case of some unexpected problems and potential threats. And even such details are not provided by the original factory, you can always add them to your convenience.

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