How to ship cars in a most effective way

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How to ship a car in a most effective way

There are a range of cases when you may need to order a transportation of your car from one destination to another. Thus, a shipment of cars is often a part of online deals if you buy it from another state or even country. Or you may get a 1-2 years contract to work at a far destination and prefer to move there not only with your personal things but also your own car.

Important details to consider

It may sound pretty easy – to find an appropriate company and arrange a shipment of a car. But in reality, there are a number of pitfalls you may face.

It will take about a month to ship a vehicle across the country and at least two for an international shipment.

  1. Price. In the modern world we always try to find the best solution. But it may be tricky. For example, you may figure out that to ship a car itself is cheap enough, but considering your own model may lead to additional payments for the size and weight which can essentially affect the final bill. Also, in most states the winter period is considered to be a cheaper one as there is no a big demand in a cars’ shipment. If you can afford to wait, it may save you quite a significant piece of the cost.
  2. Destination. Nowadays it’s getting possible to ship cars not only across a single country, but even across the world. International deals definitely will hit your budget, so you need to carefully consider possibilities and advantages. Moreover, throughout a state the price can also depend on the destination itself: delivery from and to a big city will normally cost you less than a car ship to a small town.
  3. Time. Normally, the cheaper – the longer. And any urgency or fixed date will cost you extra money.
  4. Method. The company can offer you to ship the car in an open or enclosed way. First one is significantly cheaper (about 60 % difference with enclosed one), but you need to consider the weather and natural conditions (like flies etc.). On average, in the U.S. a shipping price for an open transportation is 710 USD while an enclosed one will cost you about 1,120 USD.

Choosing a better car ships provider

When considering a variety of offers, it is essential to check the insurance policy of any particular company. Definitely, most of them will offer some basic coverage, but if we speak about expensive or classic cars, it is much better to arrange extended insurance.

One more case which can cost you extra money and energy it’s a final quote. Searching for the best deal you normally will check initial quotes different companies provide. But the final cost may be changed, and in most cases it will be legal. To avoid surprises you need to get an agreement for a fixed quote.

In regards to a ship car company itself, among all the variety we chose a few to demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Sherpa Auto Transport is a car’s ship company with guaranteed final quotes. It indeed cares about customers as the owner found Sherpa after his own bad experience. Being sure in a great service, you may find just a bit disappointed that most of the website’s assistance is done with bot, not a real person.
  2. Easy Auto Ship combined most of the competitors’ benefits like a good price, damage protection, pretty fast delivery and a great service. But it’s not so easy to get involved in this business with all the huge companies providing a shipment cars service for decades. So, the biggest weakness of Easy Auto Ship is its little experience.
  3. Bargain Auto Transport. Here the first and the most important benefit you have is the cheapest price. It will quickly find you an appropriate carrier in accordance to all your requirements. But to be a participant of this deal you have a 100 USD listing fee.

As we can see, there are pros and cons in any case. You just need to always check all the details of the deal, paying special attention to the insurance points and other clients’ reviews.

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