What is an average cost to ship a car in the U.S.?

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What is an average cost to ship a car in the U.S.?

There are a huge number of factors and details that may significantly change the shipping of the vehicle costs. But knowing the average rate will help you to plan a budget for this service and to find possible ways to lower the price.

Basic data

For your convenience some auto shipping companies reflect on their websites an average cost for the transportation between particular states. For examples, the delivery of your standard vehicle from Los Angeles to Miami will cost you about 900 USD while the trip between Atlanta and Los Angeles will take around 1,250 USD. Knowing this and comparing it with your own destinations you can approximately get the basic price.

In total, depending on the route, distance and season the shipping a car across the country will cost you from 400 to 1,200 USD. Once again, no one can guarantee you a specific quota not knowing all the details of your car’s transportation.

The main factors of the price

The main factors of the price

Knowing the basic quota which is usually shown on the car mover company’s website you always need to go through all the details, starting from your car’s specialty and ending with the way you want the transportation to be arranged in.

  1. Car’s type. Not every company has a specific fee for a car type and mostly evaluate the length and weight changes. But just for your information, the SUV will add to the basic cost about 75 USD while the additional fee for the dually may be up to 250 USD. Also, the year of the car can significantly affect the price. Rare and exclusive models will take extra care from the carrier and the driver which will force you to pay more.
  2. Condition of the car. Considering auto shippers’ quotes you need to be informed that non-operable vehicles are much more difficult to handle (including their loading and unloading to the truck) which makes the whole transportation procedure more costly. Additional breakage may also influence the price. Thus, the steers and brakes troubles can add about 100 USD.
  3. Way of transportation. Almost every time you see a basic quota in the company’s website or advertisement it means open transportation. Probably, you have already seen these huge, a few-tier platforms fitted with cars. But in case you want to arrange extra protection for your vehicle and to place it inside the carrier’s truck, you need to be ready to pay additional 60 percent to the basic price for the enclosed method.
  4. Delivery time. Transportation industry is not that fast as, for example, post or goods delivery. It may take up to a month in a high season to send a car from one state to another. For many of us a car is irreplaceable in daily life, and such a long waiting time can cause a huge discomfort. Luckily, most carriers provide expedited service. With additional fee your car will be a company’s priority and much faster will be delivered to the destination. Sometimes there are even a few types of express service with different quota and guaranteed waiting time so you may choose the most appropriate one depending on the budget and necessity.
  5. Destinations. This point can significantly influence the transportation price. Firstly, you always need to choose if you would prefer a terminal-to-terminal or a door-to-door delivery. In the first case you can save some money, especially if your original or final spot is remote from big cities (as the trucker will need to make a loop, the cost of the fuel and his working hours will be fully transferred to the price). A door-to-door service is essentially more convenient and is chosen by the majority of the customers. The only exception here is the access to the particular spot – you need to always keep in consideration that the truck delivering your car can be too big for the street or some country road.
  6. Season. Winter time transportation will cost you less but also will take longer for the delivery. On the other side, summer as well as national holidays is a high season for any carrier, and great demand will cause increasing quotas.

To get the best price you need to consider both the average rate and special features and requests of particularly your transportation. It’s always better to compare a few reliable companies' offers even if you can find a little bit cheaper quota but of uncertain service providers.

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